Why Berlin is a great city to start exploring Europe

Berlin Brandenburg Gate

If you have never been to Europe, you still have whole new worlds to discover, because there are as many Europe as there are countries inside it. However, there is such a thing as a European feeling. It is something that can be felt everywhere in Europe – no matter whether you find yourself in France, Italy, Germany, or Sweden. This feeling will stay with you at all the time, no matter which country you visit. But starting in Berlin is definitely a good way to get into the European “vibe” – let me tell you why:Berlin Cathedral

Documents needed to enter the Schengen Zone

So this is your first time in Europe. Maybe you are young and want to explore the world before you start working a “9 to 5.” Maybe you just got a new well-paying job, and you want to treat yourself to a nice holiday. Or maybe you are enjoying your retirement and it is finally time to see the old continent. Whatever the purpose of your trip is, or how old you are, Berlin is a great starting point for European culture.

Before you leave on your trip, you will need to make sure you have all your papers in order. Is your passport still valid? Have you checked if you need a visa to enter into Europe? You may also need to buy a travel health insurance in order to comply with the requirements of entering the Schengen zone. If so, the easiest way to go about solving this is to look up Axa Schengen. There, you will find different insurance plans for you and your family. Even if travel insurance isn’t a requirement for you to be allowed to enter the Schengen zone, I always recommend buying travel insurance. Accidents can happen, people get sick while traveling – and visiting a hospital without insurance can be pricey.hello BerlinOnce you have sorted your travel insurance, check if you have everything else: Airline ticket? Hotel room? Maybe a city pass that includes museums, hop-on hop-off bus tours and other sights? You might also be interested in taking a tour, so take some time to research what tour is right for you. There are plenty of tours you can take in Berlin, ranging from historic walking tours to street art tours to river cruises. If you are planning to travel to another city afterwards, how will you get there? Compare transportation options and book your tickets well in advance to ensure you get the best price.

Why Berlin?

Berlin is an inexpensive city

Cities like Paris, Milan and Zurich are quite expensive. Let’s not even talk about the Northern countries like Norway, Denmark and Finland where a dinner for two can cost you easily over one hundred Euros. That is not the case in Berlin. You can eat really well at a reasonable price (dinner for under 10 Euros is not unheard of!), and you can also choose between many different types of cuisine. Berlin is known for its thriving international food scene, with wonderful Vietnamese, restaurants, African eateries, and Middle Eastern places – to name just a few. If you are going to Europe on a shoestring, Berlin is a great place to visit on a budget! As one of the most important European capitals, Berlin will offer you a large variety of activities and entertainment at prices that can accommodate all travelers.Vietnamese food in Berlin

Berlin is History

Germany took part of both World Wars as one of the main protagonists. World War II has left indelible traces, still to this day, as you can still see parts of the wall that separated Berlin for decades after they lost the war and the country was divided in two between the Soviet Union and the Allies of the West. You will be able to see Checkpoint Charlie, where authorized people could cross between East and West Berlin. Although after World War II the decision was made to destroy all Nazi buildings, there are several museums depicting Berlin’s role in World War II, one of which, the Topography Of Terror, is located on the site of buildings which during the Nazi regime was the SS Reich Main Security Office. Learning about the dark past of Germany’s capital should be a part of every visit to Berlin. Berlin trabant

Berlin inspires Alternative Lifestyles

In the late 70’s and the 80’s, the nightlife of Berlin was the most talked about in the world. Punks, alternatives and other styles of music and clothes were all the rage, as young folks went out to dance and party on any given day. But it was more than just partying. It was also a way to identify themselves, to show the world their opinion and that they were ready to take their own space. Today, the Berlin nightlife is still vibrant and edgy. In Berlin’s clubs, anything can happen, and parties usually don’t end before dawn. In some clubs, you can party for 48 hours straight! And just like Las Vegas, whatever happens in Berlin stays in Berlin.

That kind of lifestyle is also possible because the drinks are cheap, and you can stay out all night and dance till the sun comes up, meet new people and try new experiences. If you want to enter this world, head to Oranienburger Strasse (Street).

There is so much more to Berlin than the things I mentioned in this article. There is so much to Berlin – you have to go and see it for yourself. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are (or feel), Berlin will energize you. Berlin will mesmerize you. Berlin will captivate you.

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