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Turn Your Photography into Free Passage

Last Updated on December 31, 2015

There are some places in the world that we instantly recognize – despite having never visited or traveled through. New York’s Grand Central Station, The Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and countless others, have all made it into our collective psyche thanks to iconic photographs like these posters found at Posterlounge.Monument Valley PanormaFor the amateur photographer, traveling the world to capture those images seems like a dream job. However, with the advent of the digital camera, the world of professional travel photography is more competitive than ever. Thankfully, down to the highly respected Travel Photographer of the Year prize, there is still a way to turn your hobby into travel.brooklyn bridge new york

Spectacular Prizes

Responsible for some of the most enduring images of the last decade, the award caters for photographers from a range of different backgrounds and is open to both amateurs and professionals. With a variety of different categories to choose from, the award also includes some very exciting prizes and, with the massive international recognition that follows the award, the chance to turn your hobby into a valid career. turtle in ostionalLast year’s Travel Photographer of the Year, Timothy Allen (UK) took home £2500 of prize money plus a special showcase within the TPOTY exhibition. Other prizes include an all expenses trip to India to photograph the Holi festival, a Harley Davidson Bike for the weekend, a number of all expenses paid trips to Europe and a host of smaller prizes that help winners showcase their work at its very best.Berlin Brandenburg Gate

It’s the Taking Part

Whilst we all dream of being winners, the sad fact is that there can be only one in each category. However, if your interest has been suitably stirred, then TPOTY also offer a number of very special photo tours to help develop your photography skills. Travelling within a small group (around 10), these excursions travel to different places each year with your entire itinerary, including accommodation and technical instruction, organised and arranged before your arrival.torres del paine lake and islandEach of these trips is a great way for you to improve your photography skills in a truly special setting. Who knows, the photos that you bring back from your trip might well be in the running for one of the TPOTY prizes later on.mexico sunrise