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Ever heard of the Turquoise Coast?

Ever heard of the Turquoise Coast?

Last Updated on March 6, 2018

Coast to Coast: Why Turquoise is Your Lucky Colour This Year!

If you like to keep up on the latest holiday hotspots, you’ll enjoy reading this post! Here we’ll tell you a little about the increasingly popular Turquoise coast – a surprisingly pure seaside area along the Turkish coast which holds many unknown wonders of the Mediterranean. If you want to get the best of this place before it gets too crowded, it’s best to start planning now! And if you’re wondering exactly what’s so attractive about this region, here’s the Holiday Transfers teams’ top tips.

Turkish Turquoise Coast: Geography and Potential

A long time ago, the coastline encompassing the city of Antalya on the west and south sides was known as Lycia. Even then it was known as an excellent area for leisure and relaxation, since its wondrous landscapes bring together the best of mountain and sea, with clear blue waters and enchanting bays scattered throughout.

We now call this same area the Turquoise Coast, and aside from a few notable resorts it remains mostly an assortment of pristine and unexplored grounds. Some of the bigger local resorts are Kas and Fethiye, which despite their commercial nature still retain the feeling of a small coastal village lost in time. There are all the stores you would expect to enjoy a comfortable and outgoing holiday, including several restaurants, bars, and enough attractions to keep you busy when you feel like shopping.bodrum bay

Swimming Among Turtles in Open Blue Seas

If you love swimming in clear blue waters, you will rejoice in the warm Mediterranean waters bathing the Turquoise Coast. The sand is fine and soft, the horizon is breathtaking in all directions, and occasionally you may be surprised to come across some once-in-a-lifetime natural scenes such as the huge herds of turtles passing through during nesting season. In such event, do not be alarmed and feel free to remain in peaceful contemplation.

Even during an average and uneventful day of leisurely sunbathing, you cannot help but feel like you’re in a dreamy state as you explore your surroundings and immerse yourself in the spectacular local views. In case you want to go deeper in your explorations, try doing a bit of snorkeling or consider heading to the local diving schools.

Esperance Beauty

Boat Rides Around Archeological Points of Interest

Anyone who enjoys taking long and relaxing boat rides will be pleased with the many tours available along the Turquoise Coast beaches. If you happen to be interested in archeological landmarks, you’ll be especially fascinated since many of these boat tours will take you through some noteworthy sightings, such as the ancient ruins of the once mighty city of Olympus. There are ancient tombs sinking in the sea and mysterious stone structures raised in towering rocks, as well as a fully fledged necropolis next to a castle nested on a promontory… It’s the kind of scenery you’d expect to see in an epic movie or enchanting storybook.

Gorgeous Dunes That Invite Exploration

Many people who visit the Turquoise Coast take the opportunity to walk through massive dunes along the beach while enjoying the sunny atmosphere, or venturing further into the marshes to look for egrets and other unique local animals. Those who are interested in trekking often take it to the surrounding mountains to explore some of the legendary local trails such as the Lycian Way that stretches from a lighthouse next to Mt Moses all the way to the Olympos area. While exploring these trails you might want to keep a camera to hand to record memories of the luscious trees and plants unique to this region!

Turkey's coastline (Liz Herbert)

Photo Credit: All images used under Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Bodrum Bay by Tiffany; (2) Image by Kyle Burkholder; (3) Turkey’s coastline by Ninian Reid