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How to stay on top of trends while you travel

Last Updated on March 3, 2016

For many people while travelling, the thought of donning a tie dye t-shirt and crocs is probably not that terrifying – after all, no one you know is going to see you and you’ll be super comfortable. But for those who are more fashion forward and wouldn’t be caught dead in such attire, it’s important to still have access to fashion news and to stay on top of trends.

However, when you’re exploring temples in Thailand or spending your days on sunny beaches in Australia how do you keep up with what’s going on in the world of fashion?dani in arizonaWell, first you need to find a good site that you can read when you have access to Wi-Fi, this might be a fashion magazine such as Glamour or something a little different such as ASOS’s online publication which looks into trends regularly. These should keep you updated on what’s new and trending.

Fashion bloggers can also provide styling tips and looks you can take inspiration from while you travel. Popular bloggers such as IntheFrow, Wonderful-You and Helen Anderson are all creating content that includes the latest trends for you to follow and make your own.dani silvercarHowever, if you don’t have access to a shopping complex while away how do you stay on top of trends while travelling? You don’t want to ram your suitcase full of things you ‘might wear’ for a year away, roaming a new country. The Daily Mail reckons 9 out of 10 women never wear all of the clothes they take on holiday, as well as the eight pairs of shoes they apparently pack, while mean wear nearly 90% of what’s in their case.

So, be sure that skater skirt is going to be worn before choosing it over your favourite pair of Superdry jeans while packing – remember, denim never goes out of fashion unless it’s patchwork.dani brooklyn bridge parkNow that you’ve got your information sources and original packing done, it’s time to take advantage of clothing you might find in other countries. You’re always going to find the basics, such as t-shirts and jackets but it’s all about accessories when you’re trying to tap into trends in your everyday clothing.

Let’s say for example, you’re already out in Phuket and you want to tap into the Spring trend for romantic styled clothing – you could easily pair your maxi dress with a flowing, chiffon scarf picked up from one of the markets in the area. Wearing the scarf wrapped around your head with the ends trailing like a veil will instantly keep you on trend – even if there’s no one who cares to see it.
dani in malaysiaAn oversized t-shirt can be pinned and pulled down to create an off the shoulder look that will continue throughout 2016 or you could go one step further and cut out the shoulders as we continue to wear ‘cold shoulder’ styles.

Staying on top of trends while travelling is relatively simple but replicating these trends might be the hardest part – you won’t get ASOS Premier shipping while lying on a beach in Koh Phangan!koh poda dani