Travel Planning Tips for Honeymooners

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Last Updated on July 24, 2020 by Dani

Newlywedded couples often take honeymoons to celebrate their marriage bonds. These romantic trips can be made even more special with the right planning. Here are five smart tips that can help honeymooners plan their romantic getaways better.

Choose the Right Destination

The right destination for a honeymoon often differs from couple to couple, and it’s crucial to pick a location in advance that’s suitable to each person’s liking. Hawaii, Santa Barbara, and the Caribbean are among the top destinations for beachside honeymoons. Newlyweds who want extra privacy and seclusion on their honeymoons can choose to go to off-the-beaten-path destinations, such as the Poconos, the Catskills, or Sedona. A winter honeymoon may be appropriate for some couples, and Aspen, Telluride, and Lake Placid are among the best places for a snowy, romantic getaway.dead sea floating couple

Start Saving Now

In addition to all the money that goes into the wedding and reception, couples should start saving for their honeymoons so that they will be able to afford their romantic trips following the ceremonies. Along with finding the cheapest wedding venues, caterers, and food possible, couples can find other ways to save more money for their honeymoons. For example, couples can get cheap engagement rings and put the savings towards their honeymoon travel expenses. Starting a honeymoon registry and getting people to contribute money for the trip and other items that are related to the honeymoon is another way to ease some of the financial burdens. 
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passport holderMake Copies of Important Documents

Making copies of important documents will be especially crucial when taking international honeymoons. Photocopies of passports and other travel documents can be left with family members and trusted friends so that they can be forwarded if problems with travel arise. It’s also best to leave copies of airline tickets, hotel itineraries, and ground transportation confirmations with trusted individuals. Another precaution that honeymooners in the U.S. can take when traveling out of the country is to register their trips with the U.S. Department of State. I also recommend packing a small bag with travel essentials such as a first aid kit and other necessities such as adapters and chargers and keep them all together in one place.


Plan Some Surprise Activities

Surprising someone can be a great way to show love and spice up the romantic factor of a honeymoon. Planning an extra excursion or other types of fun honeymoon activities without telling the other person in advance can add more adventure to the honeymoon. Surprise activities to plan may include snorkeling, horseback riding, or a couple’s massage. Scheduling cooking or pottery class can also be more romantic during a honeymoon. For more thrilling experiences, some people may even choose to plan skydiving, parasailing, or whitewater rafting with their new spouses.dani snorkeling

Learn from Other Couples

Reading blogs or watching videos that provide firsthand experiences from other couples who have already taken their honeymoons is a great way to learn all types of information that can help with honeymoon planning. Some of these couples may share stories about the unexpected pitfalls that they faced during their honeymoons so that other couples can hopefully avoid them. It may also be possible to find books in bookstores or online that were written by other couples and provide more useful information for planning a paz wedding couple

Planning a honeymoon the right way can make the entire trip more romantic and magical. Couples will likely be able to look back on their honeymoons with more fond memories if they have taken the time to plan all the details accordingly.

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