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Tourism at the new level: climbing Kilimanjaro with Altezza Travel

Tourism at the new level: climbing Kilimanjaro with Altezza Travel

Last Updated on September 7, 2022

Traveling to the most magnificent places takes your breath away when you reach the point you’ve been making your route for. It gives you many new experiences, allows you to create new acquaintances or even friends, and provides unforgettable memories. Though, it’s entirely unlike some usual vacancies in the popular destinations near the big water. Mountains have their own allure, but they require careful consideration of many aspects so that your pleasure will not turn into a disaster. So how does Altezza Travel help enhance your cost climbing Kilimanjaro?

Why Kilimanjaro?

Africa has many treasures to see and discover. One of the most beautiful places is Kilimajaro, which has the highest peak on the whole continent. It is situated in Tanzania – a country where unique natural events take place. The nature of this region has the biggest population of various animals to discover and magnificent landscapes to see on your own.

Moreover, here you can find a variety of touristic routes to try – all different by difficulty levels and sceneries. Some of them are busy others – are convenient for more solitary travel. Anyway, if you make your way to the Kilimanjaro summit with Altezza Travel, you’ll get an unforgettable experience.

The professionalism of the Altezza Travel team

The team of Altezza started their journey in the traveling business in 2012. Initially, the team was composed of various people having no experience in this sphere. But they were unified by the common idea of providing safe, comfortable, and memorable trips through Africa.

They decided to establish in Tanzania because this country combines the most favorable factors for the realization of their ideas. The team traveled a lot by themselves and explored nature discovering more and more great places to show to the greater public. That’s why their approach is highly considerate – everything, from tips to security measures, is based on personal experience. The team deserves even more trust because many of its members are Tanzanians familiar with the local territories.

But you should not just believe – you can see everything on the Altezza website.

Trekking, Kilimanjaro

More and more to discover

If you want to learn more before planning the journey, visit the Altezza Travel web page to discover various materials for better preparation. The team believes that preparation is the baseline principle to reaching success, so they place numerous articles for future trekkers on their website.

Concerning Kilimanjaro climbing, you will find the info on:

  • general knowledge about the mountain and its nature;
  • the weather prevailing during the rain and sun seasons;
  • pros and cons of climbing in each season;
  • the map and routes with the points of destinations before the top and their descriptions;
  • how to get to Tanzania and what you need to obtain (documents, vaccinations, etc.);
  • accommodation places;
  • how to physically prepare yourself and what mistakes to avoid;
  • the packages and their contents (everything: from documents and medications to snacks);
  • the clothing and equipment to prefer;
  • how to keep safe and what measures Altezza Travel makes to provide more safety in critical situations.

If you are interested in searching for variations of your travel, and you are not confident about what to choose, look through the other folders with safaris, climbing, islands, and day trips.

Preparing for the first or next climbing mountain information is the key to success. Collect data first, and you will be certain about the things you need. Altezza Travel has all the necessary materials to provide knowledge and save you from mistakes. Lack of experience never means definite failure – and the Altezza team proved it!

Mark Rose

Sunday 4th of December 2022

Climbed Kili in September 22 with Altezza. THEY ROCK! Best experience ever. Do it!