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Top 5 ways to make money for your adventure

Last Updated on January 27, 2014

Planning a relocation abroad or a trip to some far-flung location? If so, preparation and fore-thought are key. Researching local costs and currencies is vital, especially if planning a big move. The costs involved in going abroad can easily stack up, though fortunately there are easy ways you can make money beforehand: check out our top five.

5. Sell gadgets online

De-clutter your home and make money at the same time by getting rid of those old, unused gadgets. It’s easy to sell CDs, DVDs and electronic equipment online using sites like Music Magpie. It’s free to send your items off, and you can opt for the Courier service if you’re too busy for a trip to the Post Office. You can get an idea of your earnings by receiving a quote from the site beforehand, and once posted wait for your money to flood in!

san telmo market antiques and plates4. Rent your space

If you are going on a trip of a lifetime, chances are you are leaving a house or room unoccupied. Before you go, you may also have spare space in your house or garage that can be a money-earner. It’s easy to rent these areas out to people looking for storage space, without the hassle that comes with renting your room to a lodger.

3. Become a Mystery Shopper

This option offers the chance to earn money for shopping! It’s simple to register with a mystery shopping service over the internet, and once you have provided details of yourself and your location, assignments will be emailed to you. These can range from visiting a high street shop and purchasing an item, to having dinner in a fancy restaurant. There will be a number of questions you may have to ask, or factors to check out, which you email back in your report. Each visit will earn a bit extra to contribute to that holiday fund!

2. Make your home a star

Film and TV crews are always on the lookout for shooting locations, and your house could be ideal. Online agencies will list your property for free, and just take a small commission if it is used. Payment will vary widely, though can be over £500 per day, plus the chance to see your house on screen!

charleston mansion entrance1. Sell your snaps

If you enjoy taking photos, you may be able to profit from them too but uploading your images to a site like iStockphoto. You can set your own rates on many sites and provided your images are of good quality, users of the sites will pay money for rights to your snaps. This may require a little advertising beforehand, but the effort will be worth it if viewers like what they see and decide to buy in bulk.