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Top 5 Destinations For A Holiday Hen Do

Top 5 Destinations For A Holiday Hen Do

Last Updated on February 14, 2022

Hen dos – the official time for the bride-to-be to let their hair down with a group of their favourites.

While traditional hen dos might involve dressing up in sashes and crowns and heading out on the local pub crawl. Now, more people than ever are opting for an unconventional celebration tailored to their interests.

For instance, hen dos are no longer exclusive to the girls. And some couples opt to have a shared hen and stag do adventure together.

At the same time, others who aren’t keen on the fuss of a celebration may choose to have a tasty meal with their closest friends before the big day. Whereas at the other end of the scale, thrillseekers may decide they want to go skydiving! 

Another popular hen-do choice on the rise is holidays! Be it in Britain or abroad, there are more hens than ever vacating their homes for a weekend or more away.

And so, whether you’ve been tasked as the maid of honour to arrange an exciting hen celebration. Or you as the bride have taken it upon yourself to arrange somewhere fun for you and the favourite people in your life to travel.

For inspiration on where to go and what to do once you get there. We’ve whittled the world down to 5 of the best places for you and your chosen hens to celebrate.

The British Virgin Islands

Tortola, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, and Virgin Gorda are a few of many British Virgin islands nestled in the Caribbean. The proximity of the islands means island hopping is popular among holidaymakers.

As such, it’s common for aspiring travellers to rent a private BVI’s yacht charter and a skipper. Which will house and transport all guests to many different lands.

For a glimpse of what to expect, on the main and largest BVI island, Tortola, there’s scenic white sandy beaches and a thick gorge of untampered greenery. Moreover, an array of luxury resorts and water-based activities for everyone to enjoy too.

Whereas Joost van Dyke, is the smallest of the four islands. It’s home to the famous “painkiller” drink made with rum, which you and the hens can enjoy alongside beautiful beaches at bars and eateries like Foxys.

For those wanting a once in a lifetime experience before the biggest day of their life. Island hopping through the British Virgin Islands on a private yacht could be the ticket for a memorable and magical breakaway.beach

Reykjavik, Iceland

For those not too keen on beach holidays, Reykjavik in Iceland could be the perfect spot to book for a hen holiday.

Beyond searching for the incredible displays of northern lights. Here is a glimpse of what else is on offer. There’s the chance to hire and ride snowmobiles, go whale watching, and paraglide through the magnificent Icelandic mountains.

And, after the day is done and it’s time to unwind, you and the group can take a dip in the famous geothermal heated Blue Lagoon.

The lagoon provides a hot soothing break among water flushed with minerals that relaxes the muscles and replenishes the skin.

Iceland will undoubtedly offer a unique experience the entire hen group will appreciate.reykjavik sun voyager

Barcelona, Spain

Sun, sea, bars, shops and numerous cultural sights, the city of Barcelona in Spain is the ideal getaway for a weekend that everyone will enjoy.

From strolling and shopping on the city’s famous street called Las Ramblas and exploring the gothic quarter during the day.

To watching the Magic fountain of Montjuic at night. Then heading to one of many salsa bars to dance and have fun.

Following an active day and night, the Arabian Baths is where you and the hens can rest, rejuvenate and detox, to get ready for another day of exploring and another evening dancing.Sagrada Familia Gaudi Barcelona

The Cotswolds, Cheltenham

For a wholesome breakaway that doesn’t require jetting abroad, there’s an array of stunning houses on sites to rent in the Cotswolds from places such as Air b n b.

From numerous spas close by offering hen party packages, for groups to spend time being pampered in a peaceful setting.

An outdoor climbing centre for the active people at the party to endure. Or for something different, the Bourton vale equestrian center in Bourton on the water, where the girls can trot on horseback on a guided journey through the most picturesque villages in the area.

A countryside escape, abound with a choice of activities in the Cotswolds, is an excellent way for an outdoorsy bride to let go of any tension before she says I do.Cotswolds house1

Edinburgh, Scotland

A car journey, train, or plane ride away from England, there’s a variety of ways for people to reach the cosmopolitan capital of Scotland.

Edinburgh hosts a mix of fantastic places to drink and cultural sites to explore. So if you and your friends enjoy a cocktail amongst stimulating surroundings, this is one place to consider shortlisting for your holidays.

For instance, The Edinburgh castle is one of many popular attractions in Scotland, which offers beautiful views of the city (and it’s an ideal picture-taking opportunity for you and the other hens).

Plus, history buffs will love the plethora of treasures at the National Museum of Scotland.

There’s also plenty of bars and restaurants to suit every taste and style too.

For instance, there are secret bars such as the Bramble in the city center, a speakeasy which plays hip hop. Or for a place with quirk and style, the Le Monde provides food, drinks and space for dancing. Whereas top-notch luxury spots include angels Share and the Voodoo rooms.edinburgh The above covers a diverse set of interesting places for hens to spend quality time together away from home. From yacht hire in the British Virgin Islands, to renting a house in the Cotswolds.

But, the most important thing to remember when booking a hen do is, wherever you and your friends go, you will all enjoy yourself regardless!

But researching and choosing the best destination to suit your and everyone else’s interests will help make the brides last nights of freedom extra special and unforgettable.