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Top 10 Destinations That Travelers Fall in Love With

Top 10 Destinations That Travelers Fall in Love With

Last Updated on March 7, 2019

When it comes to getting hot, there are a few places where the warmth of the sun gives you way more than a great tan! The hot, hot, heat mixed with exotic travels can lead you to some pretty extraordinary places. Whether you’re rolling the dice in Las Vegas, or watching a camel race in Kuwait City, the hottest cities in the world can show you a thing or two about beating the heat!

Falling in love with a destination doesn’t have to be all about the heat! However, if you want to see the hottest places on the planet for yourself, check out this amazing infographic by LED Hut to start knocking them off your travel bucket list! You can fall for these fiery destinations one by one, but don’t forget to pack the SPF!

Here is a list of the hottest places you can visit RIGHT NOW!

  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia. One of the most sacred and most traveled to places in the world, Mecca is also one of the HOTTEST!
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait. Known for being the heart of the Persian Gulf, the sweltering heat certainly won’t keep you from admiring the beautiful architecture!
  • Phoenix, Arizona. Boasting more sunshine filled days than any other big city in the United States, Phoenix is one of the hottest places on Earth!
  • Lagos, Nigeria. Though the sun makes it blistering hot, Lagos has a growing art and cultural scene that is well worth the travel to the beach resorts! Make sure to get some amazing travel photos while getting hot on the beach!
  • Las Vegas, Nevada. Take a chance on big money, good looking people, and blistering heat! Las Vegas is super-hot, but REALLY fun!
  • And so many others!

The world’s hottest destinations are great for a good time, a winter get away, or even testing the limits! Falling in love with a destination is easy, especially if you’re already nice and HOT!