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Tips to Arrange the Ultimate Relaxing Girls Getaway

Tips to Arrange the Ultimate Relaxing Girls Getaway

Last Updated on November 15, 2021

There is a slew of reasons you might be planning a girl’s weekend getaway. For example, maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion like a wedding or a baby. You might want to reconnect with busy girlfriends who live around the country, or perhaps you’re planning something related to your business, like an informal team retreat.

When you think girls’ weekend, you might initially consider the rowdier side of things. On the other end of the spectrum are those tranquil, relaxing trips that allow you to unwind and reconnect with one another.

If that’s the type of trip you have in mind, the following are some tips to help you plan.

Choose a Peaceful Location

Rather than a tourist-centric location or a big city, if you want a relaxing getaway, reflect that in the location you choose. For example, renting a lake house can be great to recharge and enjoy being with one another. You can get beautiful views without feeling like you have to follow a strict itinerary.

A mountain house can have a similar feel. You can hike, have coffee outside while you take in the views, and get rest and relaxation from the demands of your daily life.

villa Speaking of location, along with the city or town, think about where you’ll stay. For a peaceful girls’ weekend, sometimes pooling your money to get a bigger house can be a great option, as opposed to something like individual hotel rooms. You can cook meals together and enjoy the communal spaces in a vacation rental.

Set a Budget That Works For Everyone

While you might want the most luxurious accommodations and amenities available, will that work for everyone’s budget? It can be a good idea to talk to everyone going on the trip as a group, and also perhaps individually to see what they’re comfortable with.

Set a firm budget for your entire trip. Once there, if someone wants to spend more than that on their own, for example, to have drinks with dinner or for shopping, that’s up to them. For the shared expenses, stay within the confines of your budget.

If you’re preparing meals in, you should put together a pooled fund for that and any other things you might need that everyone will be using. That way, you don’t run the risk of disagreements when it’s time to pay for something.radisson blu royal cocktails

Make Reservations

If you’re going to do anything on your trip that might accept or require reservations, get them in advance. For example, many restaurants require reservations for large parties, even when they otherwise take walk-ins.

The more reservations you can make, the more smoothly your trip will go. You won’t have to deal with the frustration of waiting in line.

Do Something Special

A girls’ getaway should be a time where you all treat yourselves. Find something that’s within everyone’s budget and will make you all feel relaxed and pampered. Examples include having a chef come and cook for you one night or maybe have massage therapists come to your rental for an hour. You can go to a salon for a pedicure or do blow-outs.

While it may be a bit of splurge, there should be at least one luxury thing you can plan that will be within everyone’s budget.dani ready to cook

Make a Loose Plan, But Go With the Flow

Making a plan and going with the flow can seem counterintuitive, but they aren’t. You can do both. Having a loose schedule will help you figure out what everyone wants to do and enjoys. This will also help you with budgeting and reservations. Plus, if you’re going someplace new, when you have a plan you can make sure you don’t miss the must-sees.

At the same time, if your plan doesn’t go exactly as you want it to, that’s okay too.

As you’re creating a plan, make sure to get input from everyone, even if you’re the unofficial trip organizer. It can be fun to send out a quick survey to see what your travel mates are most interested in, for example. That will get you all excited and in the mood for the trip.

Finally, when it comes to logistics, try to keep things as far as possible. Flip a coin for the main bedroom if you have a rental, and create a chore chart so that everyone is pulling their weight. You’re reducing the potential for tiffs and making a more relaxing trip for everyone.

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