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Tips that Will Help NYC Tourists

Tips that Will Help NYC Tourists

Last Updated on March 15, 2018

Are you thinking about going to NYC on a vacation? You should not let the big crowds and buildings intimidate you because New York is actually a friendly and manageable city if you heed some important advice. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you are going to The Big Apple:brooklyn bridge and manhattan skyline

Do Not Be Afraid to Stroll

You should start spreading the news that NYC is one of the safest cities in the world. Gone are the days when tourists used to be warned against visiting the Lower East Side. Manhattan is a big city but you should exercise caution just as you would in any other place – for instance, you should not wander at 3am alone.

Most of the city of Manhattan is laid out in a grid system, which makes it easier to know where you are going and harder to get lost. In fact, one big highlight of your trip might be strolling and gazing at passersby.manhattan from top of the rock

Eat Early or Late

Most NYC residents eat between 8pm and 10pm, which means that the restaurants will be full at that time. If you want to eat in the best restaurants, you should make reservations in advance because the favorites are always booked. If you want to book a reservation at the last minute, you should reserve a table before 8pm or after 10pm, which will increase your chances of getting a seat.

Of course, this technique will not always work because you have to queue to get a table at some trendy restaurants.cronut dani new york

Scout Smaller Shops

It is almost impossible to visit a shop in NYC without dropping some serious cash on clothes and shoes. However, if you are on a tight budget, you should not just limit yourself to the big shops; make sure that you scout the smaller ones for better prices and unique items. You should go to the Lower East Side if you want to see intimate boutiques with vintage pieces and local designs.

You also need to look at special shops in the downtown neighborhoods of Nolita and the West Village. That way, you will notice more diversity and have the chance to buy unique items.williamsburg flea market women shoes

Hear the Music

You cannot be in The Big Apple and say that you are bored. You can listen to excellent music every night at many venues across the city. From gritty downtown clubs and classic settings such as Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall to traditional jazz bars, you cannot run out of places to go. If you want to find the best venue to go, you should check for reviews york broadway times square play me piano

Mind Your Etiquette in the City

Tourists have habits that drive locals crazy such as taking up the entire sidewalk or stopping to take pictures. If you want to avoid nasty looks on your first trip to NYC, you should walk with a purposeful strut as if you know where you are going. However, if you drop something or need directions, you should not be afraid to ask for help because New Yorkers are actually very friendly.yellow cab on times square broadway

Park Running Shoes

Central Park closes itself to traffic during the weekends and becomes a huge open-air track for running, skating, or biking. You can exercise as you people watch and enjoy the beautiful landscape. If you are a runner, you can take scenic trails along the Hudson River to make your run more fun.

Although the above tips come in handy for first-time NYC visitors, they will not be very helpful if you do not know your way around. In such cases, you should consider tour buses such as TopView Hop_on-Hop_off, if you need help navigating the city. When you opt for guided tours, you will have a set itinerary for your vacation.kayaks and manhattan skyline