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Things to Know Before Visiting Israel, The Holy Land

Things to Know Before Visiting Israel, The Holy Land

Last Updated on October 27, 2019

For most people who visit Israel for the first time, the country with its cultural, religious and geographical diversity, is a mind-blowing and intense experience. As a Middle Eastern country, it has a very different culture compared to Western countries, and its society is filled with idiosyncrasies. We have compiled some helpful tips for you to make sure you will be enjoying your first trip to Israel.jaffa from banana beach

1 It is normal to bargain

It’s expected in the market (known as shuk) in Israel that costumers tend to haggle with sellers. You’re expected to negotiate with sellers, and it is likely that you pay considerably less for an item than the asking price the vendor first states. As a matter of fact, any person who doesn’t follow this practice will be called a frier or sucker. This is simply a delight! What are you waiting for? Start booking your flights to Israel today.israel olives

2 People in Israel are Sabres

Sabres or Sabra is a Hebrew term for a cactus fruit, which is sweet in the center but prickly outside. This word represents a self-identification for people who are naturally born as Israelis. So, once Israelis are brusque and direct to you, be patient. They are incredibly friendly and warm people once you get to know them aviv street israel

3 Try to learn some of these useful phrases

It is much easier to get around Israel if you know a few words in Hebrew. Here are some of the useful phrases that you need to learn:

  • “Cama ze oleh?” This means that you are asking for the cost of a certain product or thing. (How much does this cost?)
  • “Ma, ani frier?!” This means that you are asking someone if you are a sucker when you think that person is ripping…(What, am I a sucker?!)
  • “Eishar heshbon?” This phrase means you are asking for the bill. (Can I get the bill?)
  • “Eizeh derech la yam?” It means you are asking for the direction to the beach. (Which way to the beach?)
  • “Hacol sababa.” means saying that everything’s fine or cool.

jaffa fishing boats

4 Download the Moovit App

With the help of the app Moovit, traveling around Israel will be super easyy This app provides accurate schedules for bus and train. It also provides routes and directions.road trip in israel

5 Wear modest clothes when visiting Jerusalem

Wearing modest clothes, most especially for women, is important if you want to visit holy places like the Wailing Wall. Skirt or trousers that are above the knees are not allowed when visiting religious sites. tel aviv jaffa stairs

These are just some of the tips that you need to know in order to have an awesome trip to Israel. We must understand that not all countries have the same cultures or beliefs. What we need to do is to respect their culture and tradition and enjoy a seamless journey.Tel aviv jaffa sunset israel