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Tips for the Ultimate Private Jet Experience

Tips for the Ultimate Private Jet Experience

Last Updated on March 28, 2018

Are you planning to fly private? To ensure that you are getting the best value for your money, you should follow the right etiquette for flying private. Here are some things that you need to know if you are flying private:plane flying to thailand

Create Your Own Schedule

Flying at your own discretion is the best thing about private jets. Before you agree to charter a jet, you should confirm whether you are allowed to create your own schedule. If you will not be allowed to create your schedule, there is no point in flying private. In most cases, the predetermined flight hours will not suit your schedule.

Cost Efficiency

When you book a private jet, you will have peace of mind because you will be getting the best service for top dollar. Long-term relationships, experienced operators, and industry knowledge are some of the things that will help you to get the best rates. When looking for a private jet company such as Stratos Jets, you should ask an experienced advisor to help you find the right one.

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Luggage Limits

You should always ask charter advisors about the luggage that a private plane could hold. In general, the recommendation is an average-sized suitcase as well as a carry on for each person. If possible, you should use a soft-sided duffle bag that can collapse and fit inside the luggage compartment. Because some compartments are oddly shaped, a normal suitcase might not fit inside it.

Crew Reputation

The most important aspect of your safety is the experience of the pilots and flight crew. What kind of reputation does your pilot have? You should be able to find out what the pilot has before chartering a flight. According to aviation best practices, a pilot should have at least 5,000 hours of experience in flying to become a captain.

Because your safety actually depends on the technical and human factors, you should not overlook the history of your flight crew. You should go online and research the people who will be on your flight crew before agreeing to charter a flight.

Voice Your Needs

In private jet charter, the safety of the passenger comes first. However, you need to inform your charter advisor about your needs if you want to get the best jet for your needs. If you have friends to pick up or pets that you want to travel with, you should communicate your needs in advance. In doing so, your needs will be met and you will have the best experience of your life.

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Excellent Customer Service

If one person is responsible for your flight, you should ask him questions to ensure that he is on the same wavelength as you. Moreover, having great customer service will give you the best experience. You should also have 24/7 help that will be available if you need to make special requests, change your plans, or ask a question.

Book Early

When you book early, you will have better availability and it means that you can book your favorite jet before somebody else does. If you are going on your trip in two weeks’ time, you should start looking for a private jet immediately. This means that you will give yourself enough time to find the right jet at the right prices.

Like most industries, the air charter industry operates on a first-come-first-served basis. To avoid missing an aircraft, you should always book in advance.

Access to More Airports

Reaching a remote location is one of the advantages of flying private. The benefit of private jets is that they have access to more airports, even the remote ones.guadalajara airport sunset