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The Wonder of Sabora Tented Safari Camp

Last Updated on January 1, 2016

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The Serengeti in Northern Tanzania is considered one of the most remarkable places for wildlife spotting in the world – if you are dreaming about going on safari in Africa, this is the place you should consider doing it in. Serengeti translates to ‘Endless Plains’ in the Maasai language, and these two words describe the vast bushland of this part of Tanzania (and Kenya) perfectly.

Serengeti Sunset

Serengeti Sunset by Anita Ritenour on

The spectacular annual migration of hundreds of thousands of herds of zebras, gazelles and wildebeest – all followed by their respective predators – is one of the most impressive natural events that happen on our planet. The best way to experience this unforgettable natural event is by actually staying in the Serengeti, where you find a number of luxurious Tented Camps. Waking up and going to bed right in the middle of the savannah, surrounded by wildlife, looking out at the grazing giraffes while having dinner on an open terrace, is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Read on for our two picks for where to stay during your safari in the Serengeti:

Luxury Tented Camps in Tanzania

Sabora Tented Camp in the Serengeti might just be one of the most unique luxury safari camps in Tanzania. Located in the Western Serengeti on the famous Singita Grumeti Reserve this lodge is magical. It has been built in the middle of the short grass plains with views of the ridges and mountains in the distance, the plains are always populated with game – zebra and wildebeest graze happily around the camp and often there are also buffalo. In the height of the Wildebeest Migration (July) this area is heaving and one can often watch predators from the comfort of camp.

Serengeti Sunrise

Lions in the Serengeti by Anita Ritenour on

The short grass plains lend themselves perfectly to the hunting techniques of both cheetah and lion. Sabora is furnished with antique campaign furniture which was used by the first great explorers through Africa, as a result the camp is incredibly romantic and you can really get into the spirit of colonial Africa. Your suite is enormous with a roll top bath and outdoor shower, and wonderfully comfortable four poster single or double beds. Each suite adjoins another and has a luxurious library in between each room. They make perfect family rooms, but are far enough apart that one could simply take one tent and not have too much to do with your neighbors.

Antique wrought iron beds have been placed on the plains under acacia trees and offer the most heavenly place to read in between game drives. From here one can enjoy day and night game drives with an expert guide, or take riding safaris, galloping across the plains before stopping for lunch. Singita Grumeti is famous for it’s pioneering conservation work and you can learn more about the ins and outs of trying to protect wildlife by becoming involved with the team there for a day or two.


Serengeti Safari Camp

Sabora also has sister camps which combine beautifully to make the perfect wild Serengeti safari. Faru Faru River Lodge is located in the South of the reserve on the Grumeti River and is designed like a Zanzibari style beach lodge, it’s very quirky and offers a fantastic contrast to Sabora. Singita Mara River Tented Camp is located in the Lamai wedge of the Serengeti and offers the best game viewing of all – here you are on the Mara river and there really is a predator around every corner. The Serengeti holds a magic which is unrivaled anywhere else, and by getting into these more remote corners you get a better feel for the wild and raw Africa which we all love.

Elephants - Serengeti National Park safari - Tanzania, Africa

Elephants in the Seregeti by David Berkowitz on