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The ultimate romantic holiday destinations

Last Updated on May 13, 2017

Over the years my travels have taken me to some pretty eye-opening places. But it’s always the destinations with romantic appeal that seem to stick in my mind. So if you’re looking to rekindle that immortal romance with your loved one, here are some of the most fail-safe romantic locations from across the globe.20 favorite travel moments of 2015: #14 Spending part of the summer in Germany! It had been a while since my last summer in Germany and this year I arrived just in time for a heatwave. Which meant pool parties with my nephew and going to the lake with myNo nation conjures up feelings of romance more than France. And walking around the streets of its capital, Paris, still provides a surprising amount of stimulation for even the most cynical of hearts. Whether it’s visiting the cafe that featured in the movie Amélie in Montmartre, or just walking arm in arm with your loved one over the River Seine, Paris is still number one for die-hard romantics.

Of course, there’s more romance in France than its capital. Nature lovers will delight at the prospect of exploring the boundless natural beauty of The Dordogne, and what better way to treat your loved one than by a glamorous night at the Casino de Monte Carlo in the exclusive city-state of Monaco.

Neuschwanstein PanoramaAnd where better to explore themes of undying love than by taking your loved one to some of Central Europe’s most romantic castles. The German castle of Neuschwanstein offers an almost Disneyland-esque piece of Bavarian glamour that’s perfect for living out your fairytale romantic dreams, and who could resist some of Austria’s famous palaces like Schönbrunn near Vienna that celebrate the glorious age of romantic extravagance.

Vienna was also the setting for one of the most romantic films of recent times, Before Sunrise, that followed a pair of star-crossed lovers as they wandered the streets of this grand and heart-meltingly beautiful city.Love locks in Venice #lovelocks #italygram #Venice #Venezia #veniceitaly #venicelove #venicelovelocks #lovelock #lovelockbridge #lovelocked #lovelocksbridge #lovelocksvenice #lovelocksvenezia #lovelockseverywhere #venicecanals #venicebridge #italy2015 #ilAs you head further south there’s plenty more romantic opportunities awaiting you including the baroque grandeur of taking a canal cruise through the waterways of Venice, and who could resist the artistic splendour and culinary excellence of Florence in Tuscany?

Further afield, there’s the exotic beauty of east meeting west in the Turkish capital of Istanbul, and what better way to awaken the senses by exploring the evocative bazaars of Fez in Morocco. And if all else fails, then taking your sweetheart to a desert island in the Seychelles has to be the ultimate way to ensure a truly immortal romance!istanbul sunset birds