The different faces of holidaying in the UK

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Some people turn their noses up at holidaying in the UK but you’d be surprised at just how many different types of holiday you can have right here at home. The UK can cater for just about anyone, regardless of the kind of holiday you want, so here are just a few of the many different types of holiday the UK can offer…

UK travel cotswolds
Cotswolds, England


Believe it or not, the UK has some absolute amazing beaches, so you really don’t have to go jetting off to the Mediterranean to feel the sand between your toes and the waves lapping at your feet. Some of the best beaches in England can be found in Dorset or Cornwall, whilst if you head up to Scotland you can find some truly outstanding beaches that look like they belong somewhere in the Mediterranean! Click here to see some of the amazing beaches Scotland has to offer.

cornwall beach englandCulture

If you want culture then there are few better places than the UK. Virtually all big cities (and plenty of smaller places too) are absolutely dripping with culture. Places such as Edinburgh, Bath, London, York and Chester are rich in history and culture, with plenty of old buildings, heritage sites, museums, art galleries, and much more besides. Culture vultures really are spoilt for choice in the UK.

City breaks

If you just want a weekend away exploring a city, then the UK has plenty on offer. London is the obvious choice as there’s so much to see and do, but other popular city breaks in the UK include Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bath and York. There are often plenty of smaller towns and on the outskirts of these places that are also perfect to visit for a half a day or so.


Rural getaways

For a quieter getaway, the UK has plenty of countryside and rural areas that are perfect in which to unwind. National parks such as the Lake District have some amazing scenery and are incredibly relaxing, whilst Scotland and North Wales has some incredible views and places to relax. These are also great if you like outdoor activities such as mountain biking, as there are often trails through most forests and wooded areas. Booking a cottage or cabin is a fine idea, although if you want to really get in touch with nature then you could try a spot of camping.

This is only a tiny selection of the kinds of holidays available in the UK. When you add in boating holidays, theater  breaks, holiday camps, adventure holidays, and even skiing, then you realize just how good a holiday destination the UK really is. stonehenge england

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