The Best Beauty Products to Take on a Road Trip

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Last Updated on August 25, 2020 by Dani

Congrats! You’re planning a road trip, a much-awaited getaway and now you’re working on the details of making a list and checking it twice. What to pack, and what is absolutely essential? Traveling by car makes it easy to overpack because you can load up the entire trunk. But having plenty of space available also means that you can pack all of your favorite products, which is particularly great when you are traveling for a longer time. Especially when it comes to beauty products, it’s easy to want to take the whole shebang from your foundation to your brushes and every hair product under the sun. Let’s face it, opportunities come up and you may not be prepared, right? Wrong! With our list of the best beauty products to pack, you’ll be ready to hit the road with the confidence that you’ll be prepared for everything from a casual day on the beach to a fancy dinner at night.

To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo?

Not every hotel or Airbnb comes with a full set of toiletries, so it’s good to be prepared. But, the truth is, unless you’re going to be gone for a long time or swimming in the ocean, you really don’t need to shampoo your hair that often. Natural dry shampoo comes in very handy, because it soaks up all the sebum at your roots and gets rid of that oily look. In just a few minutes, you’re ready to hit the town looking like a million bucks!dani hair

Powder It Up

If you’re heading somewhere tropical or into a humid climate, you might want to skip the foundation. Even with a good setting spray, the sun can have an undesirable melting effect. Instead, stick with a good powder that gives you even coverage and eliminates shine. While you’re at it, pack some oil-absorbing sheets that you can blot your face with during those really hot days.

Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must, no matter if you’re traveling to a hot and sunny destination or to the mountains. Being out in the sun can cause skin damage even if it’s overcast. Plus, overexposure has been tied to developing wrinkles and sunspots, and even worse, skin cancer. If you’re looking to get some color, you can still do that. Just choose a tanning oil or lotion that has built-in sunscreen. You’ll thank yourself many years from now when you still look fabulous.dani photographing

Make-Up Removal Wipes

It can be inconvenient carrying around and packing up larger bottles of liquid. Instead, opt for makeup removal wipes. They’re portable, come in resealable packages, and are less of a spill risk. Plus, you can use them to simply wash your face, even if you don’t wear makeup. They’re especially refreshing after a day outside when you’ve worked up a sweat — whether from hot temperatures or from hiking

Compact Hairdryer

If you’re planning a night out, you might want to have this beauty tool at your disposal. A hairdryer is an essential tool for all hair types whether you have luscious curly locks or need a little extra body. Combine it with root-lifting spray, and you’ll be ready to hit the nightlife in style. 

A compact hairdryer takes up less room in your car, and in the event that your destination hotel or house doesn’t have one, you’re prepared.
waterfall hair

A Good Mascara

Mascara is the be-all, end-all of what makes your eyes pop. Even if you’re not wearing any other makeup, it can make you over instantly. While waterproof versions are good for swimming or days when you’re gonna sweat, they can be terrible for your eyelashes. Instead, find a really good one that stands up to all-day wear and you’ll look like a million bucks every time you flick that wand.

Preparing for a road trip is lots of fun, especially when you think of all the fun to be had. With these few essentials tucked away in your bag, you’ll be prepared for any kind of outing. 

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