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Served hot or cold, snack-size tapas are possibly Spain’s best culinary invention. Although we usually need at least three to really fill up, the endless selection of tapas plates keeps even vegetarians full and happy. Tapas go best with beer or wine, and the best part is that, sometimes, tapas come free with your drink.

Madrid mercado San Miguel Olives

tapas green chilis patatas bravasEach tapas bar tends to have a few veggie items, and the options vary according to city and type of restaurant, so we made sure to eat at least at one tapas bar in every city while touring Spain to maximize the variety of delicious dishes. Here are some of our favorite vegetarian tapas:

goats cheese tapas sevilleWe had this delicious dish of warm goats cheese in a honey sauce in Seville and loved it! One of our all-time favorites is goats cheese baked in phylo dough, and then honey drizzled over it once you take it out of the oven… Honey & goats cheese in any combination, really.

zuccini TapasThinly-sliced zucchini marinated in olive oil laid on a bed of feta cheese, spiced up with paprika.

spinach & chick peas tapasSpinach and chick peas, similar to an Indian dish, was to die for!

mushroom risotto tapasA tapas-size portion of mushroom risotto, baked in this little dish.

papas bravasPatatas Bravas, or spicy potatoes. The quality of this dish seriously varies – our advice is that at a tourist trap, avoid them at all costs. If at a locals joint – go for it!

tortilla espanola & SalsaAn all-time favorite of ours: Tortilla Española – we get a Spanish omelet almost every day when we are in Spain! The one pictured, which we had in Seville, was a particularly good one, with a fabulous tomato salsa on top.

The desserts!

Chocolate desert sevilleThis heavenly chocolate cake was one of the best deserts we’ve ever had!

Yummy almond cake spainThis cake is filled with an almond cream and comes with a caramel sauce. If you go to Madrid, we highly recommend ordering this desert at Cafe Oriente on Plaza Oriente, and enjoy it with views of the Royal Palace.

churros con chocolate spainNot necessarily a tapas desert, but we cannot NOT mention Churros con Chocolate. Comparable to doughnuts, these pieces of fried dough are dipped in a cup of steamy melted chocolate for breakfast, lunch or dinner at a bakery, restaurant or tapas bar.

Have you been to Spain? What are your favorite tapas?

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    1. Haha! It’s so interesting to see how many people just LOVE tapas! But they are truly genius, and delicious. Don’t worry, they’ll still be there when you get there next year 🙂

    1. We should write an ode to cheap wine! We miss that about all of Europe when we’re not there….Tapas are really the best, too, and something you won’t get in Central America very much….

  1. That’s really the way to eat. I loved the food in Barcelona!

    Americans are easily fooled into thinking that more = better, rather than focusing on small quality plates.

    1. Too true! Each of the tapas dishes were so good, and it is so great to keep your taste buds so interested with so many flavors and textures. Quality over quantity for sure!

    1. Oh Debbie if you adore tapas you should head over to Spain soon!! The tapas there are quite different from the ‘Americanized’ tapas in the U.S., but I am sure you will LOVE them! They are so delicious and inexpensive.

  2. I must say Churros and Chocolate are best eaten at around 6:00 am after dancing all night as one last stop before you head to bed. JUST SO DAMN GOOD!

  3. So many years in Spain and never came across tortilla with salsa topping! Looks very good though… MUST TRY!! 😀

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