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Six Ways to Survive a Long Haul Flight

Six Ways to Survive a Long Haul Flight

Last Updated on December 11, 2016

Surviving a long-haul flight that lasts more that 10 hours is not easy. During the first few hours you feel more or less confident and relaxed. However, with every passing hour this confidence is quickly ousted by the boredom and tiredness. The time starts going so slowly, that it sometimes seems you will not survive these few last hours of the flight.

Of course, boredom is not the only thing that makes a long-haul flight so tiresome. Many people suffer from sleep deprivation, deep-vein thrombosis, dehydration and other knock-on effects of a long lasting flight. Listed below are a few useful recommendations that will help make your flight easier.norwegian air boeing 787 dreamliner


Your flight will be a lot more comfortable if you purchase a first or business class seat. Do not rush saying that business class airfares are beyond your means. There are lots of easy ways to get a discounted upgrade and fly with comfort. The easiest way to do that is to use your frequent flier miles. However, even travelers who do not fly much have lots of opportunities to buy discounted business class tickets. Just look for these opportunities and you will be blessed with the comfort of a cheap premium class seat.

Have a Good Rest Before the Flight

If you think that a long-haul flight is your chance to get enough sleep, you are absolutely wrong. Many passengers make a huge mistake when not sleeping before the flight and then boarding the plane tired, hoping to sleep the whole way. Unfortunately, most people cannot sleep on the plane and the reasons for this are numerous: uncomfortable sitting position, drone of a motor, noisy fellow passengers and so on. Imagine how tired you will reach your destination if you do not rest before the trip and stay awake during the whole flight. Unfortunately, short naps will not remedy situation. So, it is better boarding well rested.lufthansa A380 plane LAX

Take a Sleep Aid

If you plan to sleep during the flight and think about taking sleeping pills, make sure to do that before the flight. However you need to remember that sleeping pills affect people differently, and sometimes act like stimulants. Thus, to make sure you will sleep and not stay awake during the whole flight, it is recommended to consult a doctor and try the prescribed pills at home.

Take a Sleeping Kit

Things like ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones, eye mask and a neck-pillow make a flight experience more comfortable. When you have such a kit, you will fall asleep quicker and your sleep will last longer.norwegian air economy leg room

Do Not Take Too Much Staff

The fewer things you have with you, the more comfortable the flight will be. Bags you put under the front seat, eat your legroom. Sitting 15-16 hours with crooked legs is a real torture. So, take only those things, you cannot do without during the flight.

Take Care of Your Health

When staying in a stuffy plane cabin, you need to take care of your health. You need to drink lots of water during the flight, as the air in the cabin is very dry. It also recommended to avoid alcohol. People suffering from deep vein thrombosis should wear compression tights, stockings or socks.

Hopefully, these recommendations will make your flight more comfortable.air asia plane malaysia