Simple Ways to Have a Successful Photo Session

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Having a photo session might be daunting for many photographers since it was described as being on a constant emotional roller coaster, one minute thinking you’re doing great, the next one knowing you’ve failed. To make photo sessions less daunting and infinitely more successful we’ve come up with these of the simplest ways to help you do so. 

Make sure you implement all of them for the best results!

Plan Ahead

Planning the photo shoot you’re going to have soon and being prepared is vital to the process itself. The main reason why this is true is that your creativity and efficiency will be at peak performance if you’ve had time to prepare. This includes knowing what you want to achieve from the photos because the photo session will limit you in some ways. Make sure to know the location and the subjects of your photo session, and then pre-visualize the photos so you will be able to better prepare for them. Consider even planning the stage if you’re doing portrait photos. Another aspect of planning ahead is to pack well. If you’re going outside your studio you will want to check and double-check if you’ve packed all of your equipment because it can be quite disruptive to your workflow to find out you forgot the right lens or your batteries.portrait

Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools for the job is an obvious simple way to have a successful photo session, not to mention it’s the bare minimum. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s crucial to be prepared in terms of visualizing the subject and the location to give you some starting ideas about how the photos can look. Furthermore, we’ve discussed that preparing and double-checking your gear is also crucial because it can impede your workflow. But it’s much more important to have the right tools ahead of all of this. As the developers over at suggest, another aspect that is also crucial to own are the right tools to edit the photos, for example, the ones that maintain the skin tone if your photo session is all about portraits. The right tools also apply to many aspects of your gear such as the camera (obviously), the lenses, a stand, memory cards, camera bag, and the rest of the equipment such as batteries.

Variety Is Key

Another very good piece of advice that will help you have a successful photo session is to ensure you take a variety of photos at every photo session. If you’ve come up with a plan based on the location and the subject like we’ve suggested, make sure you stick with it. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t mix up the poses, outfits, composition, expression, lenses, and camera settings. Also, ensure that you get both close-up photos as well as wide and medium. It’s also advised that once you run out of ideas to look for additional details everywhere and include them in the session. If your client is intent on one specific type of photo such as close-ups, do a small series of wider compositions too, as they might not realize they will look very good. You are the photographer here, and you have the experience they probably lack.

Communicate With Your Subject

One of the simplest ways to have a successful photo session is to develop good communication with your subject because you won’t be there alone. This can ensure you will get better pictures because if you are too distant and don’t communicate well, your model won’t respond so well. Make sure you talk to them before the photo session, and if you know them, ask more specific questions about what they want to achieve from this photo shoot and share your ideas too. Model poses don’t come instinctively to many people and they will pose more naturally if they trust you and know what you want to achieve out of the photo session. Furthermore, you should listen to them very carefully because they might have good ideas, and especially if they have trouble relaxing. Following through with their advice will make them feel more comfortable and will also relax them for more demanding photos.

These photo session tips will ensure that you show up confident because you will have pre-visualized the subject and the surroundings, you will have some basic model poses in mind, and you will be well prepared. This will ensure that you have a good workflow with no interruptions. It’s always advisable to have the right editing tools, especially the ones that will keep the skin tone intact since it’s quite an important feat in portrait photography.

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