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How to Select a Wedding Venue in Saskatoon You’ll Absolutely Love

How to Select a Wedding Venue in Saskatoon You’ll Absolutely Love

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

It’s impossible to plan a wedding without a good venue, so learning how to choose a wedding venue in Saskatoon is key. Check out these tips, ask these questions, and watch out for these red flags!

1. Make sure you talk to a wedding planner

As you wade through wedding venue ideas early on, your wedding planner will be a huge help. Their experience will help them know what’s non-negotiable. Also, they can help you see how your wedding style would look in a potential venue.

2. Get a general location and budget figured out

The wedding venue you choose will be greatly influenced by your budget and where you want to get married. Choosing a wedding venue will be a lot easier if you know what you can afford and where to look.

Additionally, since venue availability affects when you choose a date, it’s a good idea to know what time of year you’d like your wedding. Your wedding venue, especially an outdoor venue, might be closed at certain times of the year.

For example, if you’re considering Saskatoon wedding venues, take into account the local climate and peak seasons for weddings in the area. This will ensure that your desired venue aligns with your preferred wedding date and the unique character of the wedding venue is reflected in your celebration.bouquet

3. Find out what your vibe is and style is

Finding a venue that matches your wedding style and aesthetic won’t be easy without knowing what you want. You might not be able to get an ultra-glam wedding on a rustic farm if you want acrylic and mirrors everywhere. However, if you love the outdoors and want your loved ones to dine under the stars, a classic hotel, banquet hall or contemporary art gallery isn’t for you.

4. Learn about the kinds of venues you can choose from and what’s included

Several wedding venues in Saskatoon are all-inclusive, which means they can accommodate both the reception and ceremony, in addition to providing furniture, food and drinks, and audio-visual support. Some locations, however, are empty, offering only a blank slate where you will have to provide your own rental items and details (outdoor and industrial venues are a good example of this).

5. Make a guest list

Choosing the right wedding venue will be difficult without knowing your guest count. It’s not fun to book something small and intimate and then discover later that you’re expecting 250 people. If you want to avoid problems like that, make sure you know how many people will be attending your wedding before you pick a venue.

6. Make sure your guests have a good time

How will the experience of your nearest and dearest be from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave? You want your loved ones to feel relaxed and at ease at your wedding, so think about everything from temperature to ample stairs to easy-to-find restrooms.korbel champagne cellars

7. Take a tour of potential wedding venues

It’s advisable to go on on-site visits with your wedding planner. When you book a venue without seeing it first, you could run into problems later that you would have known about had you just booked a site tour first.

8. Be sure the venue you’ve booked got backups

While this is important for outdoor settings, it’s also good to see how many options and layouts are available indoors. It is definitely a good idea to have some Plan Bs, Cs, and Ds in case something goes wrong.

9. Make sure you know what to expect when it comes to setup and cleanup

You may find it convenient for your vendors to set up at hotel venues that have escalators, but they may only allow you a few hours to set up. Getting to more rustic or rural venues may be more difficult, but if they are located in a remote area, they may allow more setup time.

You should also ask about breakdown and if an after-hours fee will be charged if your vendors don’t get everything done by a certain time. Knowing is power, so make sure you consider all the details before signing anything.

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10. Think about parking and accommodations

Are there a lot of out-of-towners? Hotel distances and other accommodations need to be taken into account if so. Also, think about the venue’s accessibility. Would your loved ones be able to get to the venue if it was in a barn with only a gravel driveway? Can guests drive and park or will shuttles be available? From the moment your guests arrive to when they leave, every step should be planned out.

11. See what people are saying

Finding out how other couples felt about a venue and how their weddings went is a great way to find out if it’s right for you.

That’s all we have to say. Now that you know the essential 11 steps to follow when searching for the ideal spot, you can start your shopping for wedding venue in Saskatoon. We wish you the most magical day ever!