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What to Bring to Photograph Landscapes While Traveling

What to Bring to Photograph Landscapes While Traveling

Last Updated on May 17, 2020

Landscape photography is a perfect match for traveling because it captures and shows spaces within the world at a certain time. Traveling around the world is a beautiful reward in itself because it allows you to experience and discover the beauty that the world has to offer. Photography allows you to save part of the magic that you may discover in your travels and share it. Landscape photography aims to capture the beauty of wide spaces and the uncounted faces of our world. This is why this style of photography is intimately linked with traveling.negev desert

Wide Angle Lenses are Ideal for Landscape Photographs

Every photographer has a camera with which to take photos. In the span of the photographer’s journey, he or she may acquire different cameras and lenses. Wide angle lenses are ideal for landscape photographs because they provide a wider range and more depth. Once you have your equipment, you may begin traveling and venturing into the great outdoors to take photos.

Cameras and lenses differ in price, and so the search for the right camera and lens is a quest for every photographer. Knowing what kind of photos you want to take will inform your choice of camera and lens. For people who want to take photos of beautiful landscapes, finding the right wide angle lenses for full frame Nikon cameras is the first step in the right direction. Choosing between a prime wide angle lens or a zoom lens is a choice that you will need to make unless you choose to get both kinds of lenses. camera with tokina lens

A prime wide angle lens has a fixed focal length, a quality that challenges the photographer in composing photographs which in turn contributes to the refinement of technique. A zoom lens allows you to stay in one place as you adjust the depth of field whereas a prime lens will make you walk around until you find the perfect spot to shoot from. A zoom lens is heavier than a prime lens but is more versatile in terms of range. On the other hand, a prime lens that has a fixed focal length tends to take sharper photographs.

A Lightweight Tripod is a Steady Platform

A steady platform is important for taking crisp and clear landscape photos. It is, of course, possible to take clear photographs with a steady hand but the surest way of doing so is by using a tripod. Fortunately, there are many kinds of tripods that are both lightweight and sturdy. Investing in a good, light-weight tripod will help you take sharp photos especially for those shots that need to have a long exposure, such as night shots and golden hour shots.thaipusam 2012 penang camera crew

A Good Filter is the Sunglasses of Your Camera

Unlike portrait photography, landscape photography does not make use of artificial lights. Instead, the photographer tries to catch peak light or what is also called the golden hour. This is the time shortly after sunrise and just before the sun sets. During the time of peak light, the colors of your photographs will be softer and have a deeper texture. 

A photographer may not be faced with the most ideal conditions for taking photos. There are times when the light is too harsh or strong, creating dark shadows and stark contrast for photographs. Using a filter for your lens is like wearing sunglasses on a hot sunny day on the beach. The filter softens the light for you, allowing for photos that look like they were taken during peak light even if they were taken at a different time of reflection

A Good Jacket is a Landscape Photographer’s Best-friend

For a landscape photographer on a mission to take peak light photos in new places, a sturdy and comfortable jacket is not only useful but also necessary for weathering the elements. A good jacket should be both waterproof or water-resistant and breathable. A sudden shower may catch you out in the open while you are taking photos. A breathable jacket is one that does not trap wear inside the fabric. So, if you are planning to wait for some amazing sunset shots or even trek to an astounding vantage point for sunrise photos, a good jacket will keep you warm and comfortable throughout.

Good equipment is only a fraction of what a landscape photographer needs to bring on his or her travels. Taking amazing landscape photos is partly about having a good camera and lens but it is also about being in the right place at the right time. To take a photo of an amazing landscape from the right angle and with the golden light also requires patience and determination. As you pack your bags for a landscape photography trip don’t forget to bring your sense of awe and wonder as you explore what your equipment and nature have to offer.dani camino de santiago