Options for cheap international calls while travelling the world

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Last Updated on June 17, 2015

Travelling is looked upon as one of the best ways to get away from the routine life that we lead and also as a means to get in touch with yourself. Travel experiences make people grow or cultivate a totally new attitude towards life. But as much as we might change along the way, keeping in touch with friends and family while abroad is one of the most important ways for us to stay grounded as we travel. Staying connected can be complicated, however, so knowing your options for cheap international calls in advance can save you tons of money as you go. These days, staying in touch with your loved ones is easier than ever before – because you can even make completely free calls from across the world with many providers now!

bangkok backpackersBuying a local SIM card is a very good option and there are several international calling cards available today in all the major cities and smaller towns at times which allow you to call without the costs per minute going through the roof. With technology at your doorstep today, for example the option to make a call using Rebtel. All you need to do is a bit of a research. A pay-as-you-go SIM with a UK number for example can be used in 220 countries. Plus you get a £10 credit.

hampi payphoneYou could also join loyalty schemes that give you package deals whenever you travel and stay in frequent touch with people on similar networks. You have the opportunity of making free calls from across the world if the other person is on the same network.

When you are abroad, your phone will obviously automatically connect to the strongest cell signal, but this is almost never the cheapest option. In fact, casually using your cell phone for international calls while abroad makes for some shocking bills on your return. If you use a smart phone, the best and easiest way to call home is to download the Skype app, find yourself a wi-fi connection at a coffee shop, restaurant or your hotel, and call home for free using Skype to Skype calls, or sign up for a monthly calling plan that allows you to make unlimited calls through Skype to landline numbers in your home country.

Wi-fi in Plaza Mayor The benefits of using Skype are well known, but video call apps are also good a try. Apple fans can use Facetime to make free video calls. Fring is a free app that can set up group calls on Apple, Android and Symbian devices which Skype charges for.

campbell house georgetown old fashioned phoneBetween phone cards, smart cell phone plans, and VoIP services like Skype and Facetime, staying in touch with people at home is easier than ever before. Sure, you could write actual letters and send post cards, too, but unlike ever before you can be sitting in the central plaza and call home on your own phone, thereby sharing your travel experience with the people you love back home as well.

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