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Oh Atlanta, I Hear You Calling

Oh Atlanta, I Hear You Calling

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

This song by Alison Krauss is one you should definitely include on your playlist as you travel to Atlanta on your next visit there. If you’ve never been, you’ll decide to keep coming back – the city has so much to offer. So, get your designer luggage ready and take a look at why heading down South to the land of BBQ, peaches, and perfect weather is worth it. 

Speaking Of BBQ

The barbecue in the city of Atlanta really is that good. In fact, whether you live in Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, or anywhere else “famous” for its rendition of BBQ, you’ll soon realize you won’t come close to that level of flavor that you’ll experience at the BBQ joints in Atlanta.mary macs tea room atlanta georgia

Some noteworthy spots are Daddy D’z, Heirloom Market, and Fat Matt’s Rib Shack. All of these spots give a great local feel while you’re there, and there is no shortage of traditional fixin’s to eat alongside your BBQ or brisket. 

Atlanta Makes The Perfect Getaway 

Sure, you’ve had some epic girl’s getaway weekends with your besties, but depending on where you are located in the US, Atlanta is a convenient location to get away to. With Hartsfield-Jackson being the central connective hub, there are regular incoming and outgoing flights from all over the world, not to mention domestically. So, if you’re in the mid-Atlantic, it’s an easy day’s drive; if you’re in Florida, it’s even closer. But, even if you’re coming from Alaska, New York, or California, there are some easy and cheap flights heading into Atlanta day and night.atlanta john pemberton statue

Shop Until You Drop 

Literally, you can shop until you drop in Atlanta. They also have shopping on every level and for every type of clientele. If you’re looking for something vintage, a record shop, or artisan-made – Little Five Points is your best bet as far as areas to visit. Suppose you want a more luxurious souvenir to remember your trip by, hop on the MARTA (if you haven’t rented a car, this rail system will be your best friend), and head out to Buckhead. Not only are there several high-end malls out there to walk around and peruse, but there are also stand-alone boutiques that offer you the most luxurious designer items your heart desires. 

Come On In; The Weather’s Fine!

Sure, the weather isn’t year-round idyllic like it may be in cities like San Diego or anywhere in California, for that matter. Still, generally speaking, the weather in Atlanta is fantastic. It rarely snows in the winter or gets too cold in general. It stays perfectly warm during the spring and summer, and outdoor activities abound. There are some genuinely breathtaking parks in the city of Atlanta, and you have to check out Piedmont Park.

Additionally, if you want to head OTP (that’s outside the perimeter for you non-locals), you will see some of the most beautiful landscapes this country has to offer. Not to mention plenty of opportunities to visit historical sites while you’re exploring this countryside. You will need to rent a car if you want to participate in this visit, but it’s completely worth it!atlanta traffic light

Celebrity Sightings Abound 

If you’re into pop culture, binging Netflix, or checking out the latest Hollywood releases, Atlanta won’t disappoint when it comes to running into celebrities out and about. Did you know that the film industry is enormous in Atlanta due to the tax breaks the state provides the industry? Huge series like The Walking Dead and many major pictures were shot there. Many celebrities, for this reason, call Atlanta home, and running into them while they’re out running errands is not uncommon. You can be that person that runs up for a selfie and an autograph, or you can try your best to remain calm and collected and give a simple head nod – the choice is yours!

Atlanta has much more to offer, like the World of Coke, the CNN Center, a massive aquarium, and a zoo. It’s easy to fill up your itinerary if that’s the kind of traveler you are. Equally, you can take it nice and easy in true Southern style and just see where your visit brings you. Either way, you’ll have a blast. Happy Trails!atlanta aquarium whale shark