My Travel Rewards Club: Review

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If you’ve arrived at the time in your life where you want to travel more for less and a travel club is something that could fit into your lifestyle, then you will want to check out a relatively new company called My Travel Rewards Club is an exclusive lifestyle travel brand with a passion for travel. They offer a personalized service complete with expert assistance in planning each part of your trip.

You can enjoy highly discounted rates for upscale hotels, cruises, car rentals, resorts, airfare, and far more. While there are many travel clubs out there to choose from, always make sure you do your research to decide which works the best for you and your lifestyle. To make it a little easier, we decided to take a look at how this particular club works and the benefits that can be obtained by joining. Read on to learn more about our findings.

Exclusive membership

The My Travel Rewards Club is for high-class travelers who want to enjoy their vacations and receive the utmost value from them. This exclusive club will provide you with only the best and most valuable amenities and with the assistance of their full-service concierge, you will never have to settle for less than you want and deserve when it comes to your getaways.

You will be able to gain access to luxury stays at high-end resorts and endless club benefits; all at a fantastic reduced rate. Get the full adventure out of your getaways and travel the way you’ve always wanted. My Travel Rewards Club will offer you far more flexibility, helpful savings, and far better vacation quality.

What more could you want?


Now we get to the most dazzling part, the rewards! Not only will you enjoy amazing vacations and once in a lifetime travel experiences, as a My Travel Rewards Club member, you will also be able to reap all the amazing benefits. They offer a points-based rewards system that provides you with even more opportunities to get out and indulge in luxurious vacations.

Depending on your membership level, when you book a trip, you can get up to 8% back in total travel purchases to be used on future reservations, excursions, flights, you name it! To use your rewards cash, you can simply log in to the member portal where you’ll be able to see your accrued rewards and start planning your next trip!

The best bit is, the rewards never expire.


Perhaps one of the best parts of My Travel Rewards Club is the fact that you will always have direct access to a full-service concierge. The concierge will be able to aid you in booking customized vacations, looking for and finding sports packages, purchasing park tickets, and the ability to find unique excursion and entertainment opportunities.

The concierge is there to cater to your every need and aid you in any way possible. They will take hold of your vacation and handle everything that you don’t want to handle while you relax. 
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Authorized Users

Most people who join a travel club want to share their membership perks with their friends and family, fortunately this is not only doable with this Club, it’s also beneficial to you, the member. You can add people as “Authorized Users” to your account, meaning they will also get to save money on travel, and any time they book a hotel or cruise trip, you get up to 8% back in rewards which you can use on your own future travel. It’s a win win! 
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Everyone craves their ‘once in a lifetime’ vacation, and the My Travel Rewards Club is here to make that dream a reality. You can enjoy insane benefits such as:

  • Exclusive access
  • Negotiated rates on hotels, resort stays, airfares, cruises, car rentals, and more
  • Exclusive deals
  • Full-service concierge
  • Entertainment and sports hook-ups
  • Exclusive packages

You deserve the vacation you desire and the My Travel Rewards Club can help you achieve that and more. Through personalised travel services and expert concierge services, you can change your ‘once in a lifetime vacation’ to ‘numerous vacations of a lifetime’.era beach by jetwing swimming pool1

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