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JustFly’s tips on how to maintain healthy relationships while on the road

Last Updated on March 7, 2016

In a time when globalization dominates nearly every aspect of our lives, visiting the far reaches of our planet has never been simpler. Right now, there are a plethora of resources made available to any curious traveler about every country, city or village found on the planet. But what happens when your wanderlust brings you halfway across the world from a partner? JustFly reviews how and why maintaining relationships while abroad is possible and might even make them more meaningful. mexico city heartHave the talk

This is both the most difficult, but most important step before moving forward with travel plans according to JustFly. Having an open and honest conversation with your partner about the plans for a long-distance relationship inevitably sets the tone of how both of you will deal with the separation.

Whether you or your partner leave for work, play, or a bit of both, getting on the same page is crucial. If both partners decide to stay together throughout the duration of the trip, then be sure to lay down some serious ground rules that the two of you are comfortable with; Are you open to seeing other people while you’re away? What’s ok to do, and not to do? Would it be easier to take a break? All of these are valid questions, and should be answered honestly.sunset loversPut in the effort

Once you’ve had the talk, and either you or your partner is halfway across the world, putting words into practice becomes the challenge that most couples fail at. In the beginning people are oftentimes onboard with all of the promises and Skype dates. But as time passes, life picks up again and both of you find yourself busier and busier (or worse, only one of you is busy, while the other is not).

Whether you play online games together, coordinate Netflix watching, or send each other letters (should you have a fixed address), putting in the effort in seemingly meaningless activities helps couples feel closer together over the duration of the separation. Keeping up with activities or projects that both of you enjoyed prior to the physical distance is important to keep up. Even keeping a keepsake of one another may be one of the ways to make the distance seem columbia road flower marketExpress frustration, but in a constructive way

At times—and despite your best effort—frustration occurs. Whether one partner feels neglected, or suffocated, expressing constructive frustration with the ultimate goal of resolving the issue, is very important.

No relationship can survive unless both partners are committed to making the distance a non-issue. If you find yourself bitter over text nuances, or that they forgot a Skype date, addressing the issue directly and succinctly is the best course of action. Letting things fester will only make things worse for yourself, as well as your partner (who may not realize that they’ve upset you, because they’re not there to see it…), so address any problems immediately.brighton pride 2015 lesbian couple