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Inspirational travel photographers create lasting memories that spur the imagination

Last Updated on January 1, 2016

The memories came crowding back, like a hidden current, said a woman after viewing inspirational travel photos taken by Teruo Araya. In turn, the Japanese photographer explained his travel photography as an almost endless journey.

The wonderful thing about photos is “they capture and hold those faraway places for us to enjoy again and again,” added the woman viewing Araya’s unique art form. While Araya is just one in a vast army of current inspirational travel photographers, there are many great shooters from the past that still inspire travel photo fans with images that seem to pick up the strings of time.

san gimignano on the hill bw

Travel photos help people escape

Ansel Adams is considered one of the great inspirational travel photographers of all time. Adams often described the life force of nature in his photography art. For instance, Adams said he liked shooting a sunrise because it was sort of magic for him to view the “glitter of green and golden wonder” that surrounded the mountains he often photographed.

In addition, Adams wanted to inspire without messing about with nature. He would often take long walks in nature to “get the feel of the place,” as he put it. Adams would then return with his cameras to capture the whisper of falling snow or the flowing waters of a nearby waterfall. He allowed nature itself to dominate his photography.

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Photos viewed as alive and energetic

There are other great romantic inspirational travel photographers such as Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt. While Adams wanted to capture the warm and quiet of nature, Moran and Bierstadt attempted to redefine the travel image as something tender, warm and even comforting.

For example, Bierstadt is known for his images of fresh falling snow; while Moran somehow creates an urge in us to visit far off places. Both of these classic travel photographers explained that traveling someplace really comes down to escaping the bounds of normal existence. They believed, as Adams did, that all people have this urge to get out of city life and visit far off places of beauty to re-enforce our soul.

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Free and easy travel photos

Another aspect of inspirational travel photos – created by very interesting photographers both now and in the past – is linked to the sharing of methods to take the most inspiring landscape shots. For example, Adams often counseling photography fans about how to work in cold weather when harsh conditions such as heavy snow and driving rain can literally dampen the image. Adams said: “Do not allow the moisture to get inside the camera.”

While there are many views about why the classic travel photographers preferred black and white, the one that most travel photo fans are drawn toward is the view that color images are distracting and do not convey the fascinating shades of natural light outdoors. For example, the photographer Barry Iverson also viewed black and white as ideal for capturing Mother Nature. Iverson is quoted as saying a good travel photographer is passionate and even sensitive when capturing the “true colors” of the great outdoors.

Panama hats bwOverall, the legacy of great American photographers – such as Adams, Moran and Bierstadt – is today’s environmental movement that began some 80 years ago when these travel shooters captured the photographic glory of the old West in black and white landscape images that continue to be featured in books, posters and travel calendars. Also, there some interesting modern travel photographers offering their views today.