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In a Long Distance Relationship? Why Not Reconnect in California!

In a Long Distance Relationship? Why Not Reconnect in California!

Last Updated on December 7, 2021

Long-distance relationships can be difficult but are quite common these days. In the age of internet dating, not everyone you meet will live right down the street. And people are saying that a great way to keep a long-distance relationship active is to take trips together. Where are good places to visit that you can explore together? Keep reading to learn about why you should travel to California with your long-distance partner. 

Go to California

Why California? The endless possibilities that are suitable for everyone, of course! Even if one of you already lives in California, there is an abundance of possibilities for travel. One of the many benefits of California is that it offers a variety of landscapes, cityscapes, and even drastic changes in the climate from region to region.Untitled

You can customize your trip and keep exploring the state over time without having to fly to new places. For instance, a sunny day in San Diego could be a cool, cloudy day in northern California. Or if you prefer, you can just as easily spend a day in the mountains or at the beach. The choice is yours!

Airports in California

There are twenty-four airports in the state of California. Not all of these facilitate flights from the East Coast, but you can get close to most areas of the state by plane. This is important because if you decide that you want to meet in Napa Valley for the weekend, you can both choose the best travel option for the situation. 

This saves you from having to drive several hours after flying and wasting the small amount of time that you have together. Familiarizing yourself with what your options are for airlines and locations within California can help you find affordable travel and fly closer to your destination than you may have originally anticipated.


It goes without saying that Hollywood is known for producing many of your favorite movies and TV shows. While you could spend months in Los Angeles and never see all of it, you could make the focus of your trip be on entertainment. Going to a live taping of a late-night show or taking a tour of a studio could be a great experience that you wouldn’t have thought of before. 

Picking a “focus” for your trip can help you cater to the activities that you want to partake in while there. You’ll want to keep in mind, though, that you both likely have different entertainment preferences. Regardless of those interests, though, this is still a good time to enjoy the different forms of it together.Harry Potter


While California can be an extravagant experience depending on where you visit, it can also be a very simple option. You can fly in, go straight to the beach, and never leave for the entire weekend. Another option is to take a trip to wine country and stay at one winery the entire time. 

The thought that you have to see everything or go everywhere defeats the purpose of the trip in the first place. Staying in one location will give you more time to talk and focus on your partner and not fret over travel logistics or a string of reservations that you have to make.Untitled

National Parks in California

California is home to twenty-eight national parks that you and your partner can explore. From the giant Redwood trees to the expansive national lakeshores, you can spend several weekends in nature. Each national park has different sights to see. Watching the weather is important when you are focusing your trips on the national parks because it could be snowing in some areas, while sunny in others. 

Visiting these parks can bring on physical challenges and navigation experiences that allow you and your partner to bond over shared struggles in your journey to experience each of these places. Depending on whether or not you camp here, you can make this an affordable trip by packing your own food and bringing your own equipment.joshua tree national park

Book Your Trip Today

While the back and forth trips to visit each other in your respective cities are an integral part of your relationship, you can step outside those geographic areas to explore more. 

However, as a handy bit of long distance relationship advice, it’s always good to discuss your interests with each other before you book the trip.

That way, when it comes time to actually reconnect with your partner in beautiful, sunny California, all you’ll have to do is focus on each other. Everything else — thanks to your careful planning and clear devotion to one another — can just fall into place while you’re exploring the great Golden State!