Here’s How to Prepare for Your First Camping Trip


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Going camping is a lot of fun, but some people think it’s as easy as picking up a tent and heading to a nearby forest – to have a good experience, you need to be more prepared than that! Even if you are not literally going to be in the midst of the wilderness, it’s still better to prepare yourself, as you don’t know what might happen both good and bad! So here’s how to prepare for your first camping trip so you have the time of your life!

Know the Basics of Camping

Even if the best way to learn something is to experience it first hand, beginner campers should come with a bit of theoretical knowledge before heading to the campsite! Useful things to know like how to set up a tent or start a safe camo fire are crucial information that will come in handy once you actually go camping. The internet is filled with useful sources you can look up, from blogs and videos to actual tutorials explaining the step-by-step process. Handy information like this is key in ensuring a good time at the campsite, as it can be extremely hard and frustrating to learn it on the spot!

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Get the Right Gear

Another extremely important thing you need to prepare for your camping trip and is the needed gear to make camping possible in the first place. A tent, few foldable chairs, a cosy sleeping bag with a pillow and many other practical items are a must, not to mention the right clothing items and footwear! It’s best if you make a list of top important items, and start getting them one by one before the camping trip, by using handy coupons that can be found here, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money in the long run. Get the best gear and items you can, as the quality can truly make or break your experience!

Food and Drinks Are Essential

Obviously, regardless if you are going camping for two days or a whole week, you need to prepare a meal plan beforehand! Chances are you’ll be away from town and any kind of grocery store, so you might want to stock up with the essentials! Depending on how skilled you are in the kitchen, you can bring your fresh ingredients and cook something on the spot, or you can prepare meals beforehand or buy canned food, it doesn’t matter as long as you bring enough of it! Bring a pack of s’mores and some sticks – now that’s a real camping snack you can prepare in no time at the campfire! Water is also a must, so make sure you fill your water bottles and bring extra just in case! 

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Fun Activities to Do

Spending time and nature and exploring it is a lot of fun on its own, but if you have loved ones and family around, you should totally think of other fun activities as well! You can always wing it on the spot and do the good ol’ telling scary stories by the campfire or singing songs together, but you might bring a couple of things as well! Board games and cards are a great thing to have in mind, especially if the weather gets, bad – you need something to keep you entertained in your tent! If you are into outdoor activities, you might try fishing, it doesn’t require a lot of work, you just sit and relax, just bring the needed equipment and you are good to go! Whilst on the other hand if you are more for sitting around, a new book or newspaper might be great too, as you can flip through it and enjoy the natural setting around you, so make sure you prepare a few items for entertainment before you head out!

Know Your Terrain

So going camping is not universal, for the most part…it all depends on what area and terrain you pick out! It’s best that you already know the area and have the location in mind, doing a bit of research if there are in fact campsites or not! It can actually be illegal to camp in some areas due to a lot of different reasons like wild animals, so you want to make sure that you are satisfied with the location whilst following the safety precautions! You don’t want to get into any trouble or expose yourself to any kind of danger when all you wanted to do is have some fun!hiking

Be Mindful of The Nature

This should be a given, but make sure that you are mindful of your surroundings once you get there, and this means not destroying nature and throwing trash out where you’re not supposed to! Try to take a bunch of trash bags and place all your garbage and disposal into them, leaving the camping site clean and free of harmful substances. As you might know, the soil and water are easily polluted, and it’s only getting worse and worse, so make sure you have that in mind while spending time in nature – collect your waste, and recycle it when you come home! 

Additional Things to Remember

Lastly, you need to make a list of personal items you can’t live without! This can be anything from specific medication you need to take on daily to sunscreen in order to protect yourself, those are easily forgettable things, especially if you have a lot more items to think about! Dedicate a pouch only to those things, so you’ll have a little emergency baggy on the go! Additional pairs of socks and underwear are also a smart thing to bring, if you accidentally get wet, you don’t want to sit around and freeze in wet clothes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Camping is a personal and unique experience, but there are some universal tips you should consider, especially if it’s your first time! It can be the best time of your life or the worst, so make sure you are prepared for everything! As long as you have all the needed things and follow the basic safety precautions, you’ll be good to go, so head out and enjoy your camping adventure, and spend some quality time in nature!

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