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How to not land in trouble when you’re traveling abroad?

How to not land in trouble when you’re traveling abroad?

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Many people equate traveling with an adventure. They say the unpredictability lingering in the pathway boosts adrenaline in them. They indeed are right, traveling surely is an adventure.

But knowing all the rules about it could grant you a more effective adventurous experience.

You decide the place, board the flight, and enter the foreign land, but what next?

From your temporary residential place to the decided tourist spot, a lot can happen. Ohh! But there’s nothing to fear, some hacks will serve the purpose-

Don’t use the public wifi

No matter how much the urge to use free internet surges, be aware of its problematic side effects. Hacking nowadays is not as rare as it is supposed to be. And it could be easily done through the open wifi network.

When your device is connected to the open wifi, your device’s MAC address and IP address get enlisted in the router. What hackers do is they first intercept the traffic by using the sniffing tool. The data gets transferred as packets. These packets are intercepted by the hackers to effortlessly perceive your browsing history.

Now your history might also contain loads of searches about all the tourist spots or hotels you might be in. Of course, you would have researched it all. So, simply avoid public wi-fi.camino de santiago working digital nomad office

Let’s keep it private, even from your social media

Who doesn’t like to take good pictures on a vacation? Like of yourself, of destination, or of the food. And who doesn’t like to post these beautiful pictures on your social media accounts? Right?

This sort of utility of your vacation album might welcome loads of comments and likes but these are not the only things they might invite. Restrict the use of social media during your trip. Don’t keep on updating your followers with your current location. Keep it private.

You can post about it once you are done with the trip. The proclamation of the locations would proffer extra information to all the concealed antisocial elements. Don’t trust your platform.

Make Sure You Can Access Your Bank Overseas

Sometimes it’s always about money. Make sure you have active access to your bank besides the cash which you’ve decided to carry. Don’t rely on just your wallet.

Today with enhanced overseas traveling various ways are practiced to make sure the undisturbed connectivity with your money back in your land.  Multi-Currency travel cards, credit and debit cards, and travelers’ cheques allow you to pack your bags and travel with one less worry.

It’s an alien land, the spontaneity it beholds might be troubling for you. So make sure to have a cover. Discuss with your bank, clear your all pending bills and enjoy the goodwill later in the trip.cuban money

Plan Everything meticulously.

Book everything in advance from airplanes to hotels. Most airlines and hotels do offer some lucrative discounts for the early birds. Plus you will have enough time to make the finest decision. Plan patiently. Explore the options and perform groundwork about them.

Last-minute deals are not for the one who is picky about the details. When you don’t give enough time to yourself you tend to overlook minuscule details about the things which certainly will not seem so tiny once you get engaged with them.

See it before you see it

You have everything on the internet. Research about the places you are aspiring to visit. Study the environment and history of the land. Scrutinize the shortcomings and plan everything accordingly. Undertake a digital trip before the real one. Try to comprehend the place before you step on it.

The land might be abroad but people all around the globe are not very different. Know about them and adapt to their psychology even before meeting them.

Secure yourself and your associates

No matter how glamorous foreign traveling seems to you but it can easily turn into a pathetic experience if you don’t ensure yourself. No matter how much you plan and research about the place it remains an alien land. And it’s better to not possess the high hopes of any society to be a complete utopian in nature.

There could be numerous threats and antisocial elements that would become a matter of concern. Out of many ways you can protect your stuff, having insurance while traveling abroad provides you with a sturdy approach that not only assures you but also gives clarity. Through it, shield yourself against all the minor and major springs of threats and enrich yourself with all the serene travel experiences.


Hans Christian Anderson once said, “To travel is to live.”

One Could only wonder where he was wrong. To travel is to meet different cultures, people, food, places, and perspectives. You become an evolved person once you absorb such variety. Travel the world, and live in the vicinity of variations. No one has ever gained from a limited outlook. But while you march ahead for the same, make sure to have it all in control.