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How to Get Started as a Globetrotter

How to Get Started as a Globetrotter

Last Updated on July 24, 2020

Are you a person prone to wanderlust? Have you read “On the Road” fifteen times and wondered what was out there? Or was it something else that has driven you to the revelation that you want to see it all. You want to dip your toes in the waters on every beach, leave no stone unturned, eat in the best restaurants, and learn what life is like on the other side of the pond? Something is calling you to move, to see, to experience, and to be a part of the bigger picture, if only for a moment.

There’s something incredibly intoxicating about travel and experiencing things beyond your current perspectives on life and the world. Something that stirs in us, reminding us that we are indeed alive and the world is still big. Seeing things that you could never have imagined and having moments utterly alien to the world you inhabit brings out the little kid in us. We’re inquisitive. We’re curious.cave explorer

We’re aware, and most of all, we are mindful and present through experience. We live in the moments that we are being born and progressing. As Dylan said, “He who not busy being born is busy dying.” If that quote resonates, it just may be time to consider the life of a globe trotter.

Use Technology to Travel 

The world has never been so accessible to the average person. In generations and eras prior, far away lands were virtually unreachable in terms of communication. In 1971, the only way a person could communicate with someone in mainland China would be mailing them a letter or making an incredibly expensive phone call. 

Now we have the internet. We have texting, smartphones, and G.P.S. everywhere we go. The world has utilized these to form communities where people interested in the same things can congregate and communicate about their shared passions and life experiences with those who seek guidance or answers. You can join a Facebook group for world travelers or digital nomads and get great information about hostels, places to avoid, good deals, what bags to utilize, and so on. Previously, unless you happened to have a friend or acquaintance who’d traveled to a place before, you had no way to get first-hand information about it. You had to buy a book, hope the information was still accurate by the time you traveled, and wing photography

The Financial Needs of Travel

Previously, a person could make virtually no money while trotting the globe except through random odd jobs. These typically involved manual labor. They were jobs like mowing lawns or cleaning someone’s gutters.  And these jobs only existed if the person traveling was really great at selling their skill set in a foreign language. 

Now you can make money online, so you can literally be anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection option, you can earn income and transfer it to a world-wide card or to a nearby bank.

We’ve also never been in a better time to travel economically as flights have become consistently cheaper and cheaper over the past decades. Now so many companies have even partnered with airlines and given monetary incentives for purchases on plane tickets, hotels, and everything travel. 

Get a card that really gives you the best bang for your buck by getting one that provides you with rewards on travel, flights, etc. as that is what you’ll be spending a good chunk of your money on. If your credit isn’t good enough to qualify for a travel rewards card, you can start to rebuild your financial picture with a credit builder loan.

Travel During the Coronavirus

I know that global events have made travel difficult, but there are still opportunities to travel. Just pay attention to the news and keep up with things. You may need to start with local, low-risk travel, such as camping trips.

While you might not be able to get the wind in your face at a beach in Australia yet or go drink vodka in Russia, you can still begin to fulfill that void in your life that has driven you crazy. To deny oneself the ability to travel, find themselves, and live how they choose to is to succumb oneself to a life of quiet desperation.rottnest island beach