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A new hotel room booking service will change the way you travel

Last Updated on December 28, 2020

You all know how excited I get when I find a new website / company that helps you save money on accommodation, plane tickets or travel in general… which is why I’m happy to introduce you to Roomer today, a marketplace for unused hotel rooms. Not only can you buy unused rooms at discount rates, but you can also sell your room on this website when you know you won’t be able to use it, saving you the cost of a cancellation! Read on for my full Roomer review:

Unused reservations are a big problem for the hotel industry. In the US alone, 220,000 hotel bookings are cancelled every day! And when that happens, the hotel loses out on in-house revenue, even though they won’t give refunds.This is why some hotels panic when they think a guest is not going to arrive.

Yet now there’s a solution. An innovation by a company called Roomer has solved the problem for travelers, hotels, and the unlucky person who has to cancel his booking.dani reefs edge hotel

What’s Roomer all about?

Recycling hotel reservations, so that all rooms are filled

We all know that the best laid plans can come to nothing. Which is why reservations are so often cancelled. When this happens, Roomer comes to the rescue. The concept is surprisingly simple. Instead of cancelling his or her booking, the frustrated traveler lists it on Roomer for a discounted price. Others then buy the existing booking, getting a cheap vacation while the seller makes some money back. Roomer review

There are great deals on Roomer!

When you visit what Roomer calls the “hotel marketplace”, you find accommodation at incredible prices. Roomer recommends that sellers discount their rooms at a minimum of 50%, but many discounts go as high as 80%. These discounts are not on substandard rooms either. Many of the best deals are at 4 and 5 star hotels. But the cheap prices are not the only perk.reefs edge hotel sun chairs

On Roomer, all reservations are verified

When using this website, you’ll never arrive at your destination to find that your booking has been given away or did not exist in the first place. Roomer provides the service of verifying that you won’t be swindled. They even ensure that all the details of the booking are accurate. You will never get anything less than exactly what you were promised. This makes Roomer the best option even if you’re not looking for discounts. It’s one of the factors that had Roomer chosen as one of USA Today’s top 3 travel websites/apps.

LKF hotel Hong Kong breakfast
Secure payments and peace of mind

Payment is also very secure. Although you’re technically buying your reservation from a stranger, you never exchange details with the actual seller. Roomer acts as the perfect middleman, collecting payment and only passing it on once everything has gone off without a hitch. That is more than you can expect from most other bookings websites.Roomer review

The hotel industry benefits

Since Roomer helps ensure that all the hotel’s rooms are filled, hotels no longer have to worry about no-shows or cancellations. Sometimes hotel cancellations will happen at the last minute regardless, but they won’t be the major problem they once were. Many hotels are partnering with Roomer to provide exclusive deals, so that more and more people use the service. This means that you can find a verified room, at a cheap price, no matter where in the world you want to go.era beach by jetwing bed1

My Roomer review verdict:

A vacation should never be stressful. Roomer ensures that you can relax, knowing that no matter what, your accommodation is taken care of. Give this website a try the next time you travel. You’ll save money, and you’ll save yourself the stress as well. Roomer review