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Heading To The Beach? How To Make Your Experience Enjoyable

Heading To The Beach? How To Make Your Experience Enjoyable

Last Updated on September 25, 2022

Sunny skies, perfect temperatures, warm sand, blue oceans, and the gentle breeze make the beach ideal for locals and tourists throughout the year.  Whether it’s a solo trip, romantic getaway, family vacation, or hanging with friends, the beach is a fun and therapeutic destination. You can soak up the sun, play in the sand, go for a swim, engage in watersports, or enjoy the many sources of entertainment on the boardwalk. As magical as a beach trip sounds, things can go wrong if you’re unprepared. 

Common Beach Trip Woes

How could a trip to the beach turn into a disaster? Believe it or not, many people have shared how their experience went from exciting to frustrating in an instant. Luckily, you can avoid making the same mistakes. Continue reading to learn more. 


There’s nothing worse than arriving at the beach only to find it packed with people. Although it’s a popular destination, too many people can alter your experience. It’s hard to find a place to set up your things, privacy is limited, and lines are long. You could spend hours waiting to play volleyball, rent a jet ski, or take surfing lessons. Not to mention, getting service at a boardwalk restaurant is challenging. 

Improve Your Experience: How do you avoid large crowds at the beach? Consider visiting during off-peak times like early mornings or late evenings. You can also search for less-popular beaches, where tourists aren’t known to visit much. 

sunset beach crowds


Imagine laying on your beach towel, soaking up the sun. You decide to take a little nap. However, when you wake up, your skin is badly burned and painful to touch. Sunburn is no joke and can ruin your beach experience in an instant. 

Improve Your Experience: Sunscreen with SPF is your best line of defense against sunburn. You should apply it generously to your entire body. Another solution is to bring a beach umbrella to have some shade. Lastly, don’t sit directly in the sun for too long. If you’re going to take a nap, set the alarm, so you don’t oversleep and get burned. 

Sandy Wet Clothes And Bags

Most people pack bags to take to the beach. However, they tend to use eco-friendly shopping or duffel bags to store their belongings. Consequently, the bag ends up filled with wet clothes or riddled with sand. The water and sand soil fresh clothing, electronic devices, snacks, and other items in the bag can be frustrating to manage. 

Improve Your Experience: Avoid wet clothes or damaged electronics by selecting the appropriate beach bag. Newer designs are stylish, convenient, and ideal for the beach’s sandy and wet conditions. They’re made of mesh and come with wet/dry bags to prevent damage to other items in the bag. 

sandy beach

Cuts And Scrapes

The beach is filled with tiny stones, broken seashells, and other debris. As you’re walking along the sand or swimming in the ocean, it’s easy to get a cut or scrape. When an injury occurs, getting it cleaned, sterilized, treated, and protected is good to prevent sand, salty water, or other things from causing more harm. 

Improve Your Experience: Wear protective footwear like sandals or water shoes to protect your feet from injury. You should also pack a travel first aid kit to immediately tend to scrapes and cuts. 


Although you hope a drowning doesn’t happen to you or someone you love, the ocean is very unpredictable. All too often, there are reports of adults and children going out for a swim and getting swept out into the deep waters. 

Improve Your Experience: No matter how well you swim, ensure that you stay close to the lifeguard stations. You should also avoid going out too far if the water conditions or undercurrents are strong. If you’re traveling with children, don’t leave them unattended. Finally, consider using a life jacket or other floating device to prevent drowning. 

There is so much fun to be had at the beach! Whether you’re heading to a shore close to home or planning a trip to a tropical destination, it’s an opportunity to let your hair down, take in the fresh air, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with others. Be that as it may, you must ensure you’re prepared. Avoid large crowds, sunburn, wet and sandy bags, injuries, and drownings by following the advice above.beach time