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When we decided to pack up and begin our lifestyle as digital nomads, we had a lot of ideas about where our adventure should begin, the one thing we agreed on from the first moment was that it had to be South or Central America.

After almost having booked our flights to Brazil, we ended up changing the entire route, as we were made aware that the South American winter is actually much colder (and even snowier) than we expected.

So we’ve started in the United States and are working our way south through Mexico, Central America and then finally South America.

When you pack a backpack for an entire year or maybe even longer, there is just no room for winter clothes, which is why we are going to try to follow the sun.

After a stint in Las Vegas and a house-sit in LA, we’ll be traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway through California, which has always been a dream.

It’s time to live our dreams. What better time than now? Looking into housesitting as a way to obtain free accommodation, we not only got a week’s free stay in Los Angeles, but also added a three-week residence in Arizona in June, which had not been at all on our list of places to go on our world tour.

Staying flexible and open to new opportunities for places to stay is what we plan to do while we’re traveling, which is why we don’t really have a fixed schedule for our journey – at the moment, we have no idea when we’ll get to Asia or even South America. So let’s see where this trip is gonna take us… It might look something like this:

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