Footwear to Pack for Your Upcoming Vacation

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If you are like many people, choosing the right types of shoes to bring along for vacation can be a challenge. Because shoes weigh a significant amount and take up valuable real estate in your suitcase, it’s important to make wise decisions when deciding which pairs to bring along. The shoes that you choose to bring mostly depend on your travel destination and what activities you plan on pursuing. Be sure to look at your travel itinerary when packing so that you can ensure that you bring the appropriate footwear.Shoes for traveling

Here are five of the best types of shoes to consider for your next travel adventure.

Slip-On Footwear

If you are traveling by air to your vacation destination, it is a good idea to wear a pair of slip-on shoes. You do not want to hold up the security line taking off your shoes and putting them back on again. A pair of slip-on shoes will also allow you to get more comfortable on the flight. Make sure that the slip-on shoes provide ample support so that you do not start your trip with discomfort.Slip-on shoes


You should also include a pair of wedges in your suitcase. Wedges are extremely versatile. For example, a cute new pair of espadrilles are perfect for nights out on the town when you want to be comfortable but also look stylish. You can use wedges with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or with a fun summer dress. Since they go well with a variety of outfits, you will get a lot of use out of a pair of wedges when traveling.

Flip Flops

If you headed to the beach, a good pair of flip flops should be at the top of your packing list. The beautiful thing about flip flops is that they do not take up a lot of space in your suitcase. These shoes also fit nicely in a carry-on bag, making them a portable option. While this style of shoe is ideal for quickly shaking off sand, you do not want to spend a significant amount of walking around in them because of their lack of support.flip flops

Walking Sneakers

If you plan on doing a substantial amount of walking during your trip, you are going to want to bring a comfortable pair of walking sneakers. It’s also important that you bring a pair that are well-worn. While it may be tempting to purchase a new pair of walking shoes for the trip, you may experience discomfort if they have yet to be broken in properly.

Athletic Shoes

If you plan on participating in more serious workouts during your trip, be sure to bring a pair of athletic sneakers. Hiking shoes are also a good choice if you are enjoying a mountain vacation or a trip to a national park. You do not want painful blisters to ruin your travel adventure.

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When making the final decision about what shoes to bring, be sure to pair them with the outfits in your suitcase so that you are sure that every pair will be used. You do not want to bring along a pair of shoes only to realize that it is not appropriate for any of the clothes that you packed.

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