Five Vacation Home Improvements to Consider

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Owning a vacation home is an excellent way to vacation without outrageous hotel expenses. But don’t forget that any residential property can be a valuable asset! By taking the time to invest in a few home improvements, your vacation home can become your private paradise to use or rent out. 

Here are five vacation home improvements that will take your vacation home to the next level:

1 Luxury Bathroom

A bathroom is a place of privacy and solitude. Consider replacing your traditional shower with a waterfall shower head to make your vacation home a more luxurious environment. Waterfall shower heads equipped with water-saving features, so you can relax and save month on your water bill. If you have a simple bathtub, consider a soaking tub. Decorate soaking tubs for a relaxing soak alone or a romantic soak for two.bathroom

2 Outdoor Cooking

If cooking is your passion, consider an indoor-outdoor kitchen space. By moving your cooking space from just indoors to outdoors, you can open up your backyard for entertaining guests and family. You can choose between customizing your kitchen set up for yourself or buying a premade kitchen kit, modular or built-in depending on your tastes. Just keep in mind an indoor-to-outdoor cooking space needs an outdoor grill hood for safe ventilation. Design your indoor-outdoor kitchen space to best suit your needs, whether it’s grilling under the sun or creating pizzas for neighbors in a brick oven.

3 Improved Lighting

grand hyatt playa del carmen lampsBy replacing and improving the lighting throughout your home, you can change the mood of a room quickly. For example, a bright or blue-accented light is ideal for a bathroom or kitchen, which promotes energy and alertness. At the same time, the same kind of lights may not be beneficial for rooms such as a living room or bedroom. Instead, opt for a warmer, softer glow. When in doubt, dimmer switches allow guests to control the amount of lighting in each room. Consider contacting the local power company for an in-home energy-saving consultation. This cost-saving measure can save on your monthly energy bill.

4 Upgraded Security

Investing in an upgraded home security system (or even adding one at all) is a great way to protect your vacation home while you’re away. Security packages can include features such as video cameras, alarms, remote garage controls, remote light controls, and even carbon monoxide detection.

Homeowners could see their home insurance premiums reduced anywhere from 15 to 20 percent if they install a complete home security system. This kind of home upgrade is a win-win in a single move. Your vacation property is protected, your home value increases, and you save on your expenses.

5 Improve Curb Appeal

Humans receive a lot of information from our eyes. It’s very easy to get caught up working on the inside to make a house comfortable for our needs. But what about the outside?

Take the time to consider a fresh coat of paint. Maybe in a new bright color or check your yard for places that a few bushes or flowers can help brighten the place. The exterior of a home is the first thing guests see when they visit. You will want to make that first impression count. If painting and landscaping don’t work for you, rent a pressure washer, and help remove some old grime. Even a nice wash on a stone path can make it shine like new again!

Vacation homes are an investment, and careful planning will see an increase in value. With a few home improvements, you can increase your enjoyment and comfort while adding value to your vacation home.victorian house

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