Fashion Get-Ups That Suit When Traveling on a Rainy Day

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Last Updated on June 12, 2020 by Dani

Rainy days could sometimes send a person’s fashion sense down the gutter. But, this should not be the case. All you need are a few of the right garments and some fashion tips so you do not have to see your motivation getting soaked from Mother Nature. 

If you are the kind of person who is always on the go, refuses to stop traveling even when rainy days are ahead, then you should always have suitable clothing packed in your suitcase. So, here’s what to rock to ensure you would still feel comfortable and awesome while traveling on a rainy day. 

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Foldable Rain Jacket

Packing a lightweight foldable jacket is a must-have when traveling to places where rainy days are in the forecast. This foldable rain jacket can be easily paired with your other types of clothing. In fact, you can bring any type of rain jacket for as long as it does not cause you inconvenience while traveling.

Moisture-Wicking Pants and Boots

If you think you will be spending more time outdoors, then do not forget to use moisture-wicking pants and boots. It is also highly recommended that your socks are made of the same material. This way, you will feel comfortable because your feet are dry and definitely not swampy even when you’re out in the rain. cotopaxi dani

His Majesty — The Trench Coat 

If the rain is not heavy but you need to walk to and from certain destinations, wear a high-quality trench coat so that your clothes and your hair will remain dry. Pair this with a pair of sustainable leather boots that ensure your feet are kept dry, and you’ll have a great go-to rainy combination. Another advantage that you have from wearing trench coats is that their storm pockets can be used for putting in some small items and rest assured that these won’t get wet. Choose trench coats made from cotton gabardine which is water-resistant.

Trench coats are suitable rainy-day choices for both men and women, but the best thing about men’s rainwear is the fact that it has more versatility to it since there are also rain jackets which are great alternatives if you’re not much of a trench coat fan. So, you don’t have to find yourself worrying much about what to pair with your jacket or coat on a rainy day. 

Jeans and Comfy Overclothes

If you love to wear jeans when it’s drizzling, you may pair them with a white T-Shirt, or if it’s cold, a turtleneck. Remember to use comfortable overclothes so you stay protected from the rain without compromising your looks and convenience. Your overclothes could be in the form of a blazer, a bomber jacket, or a pilot jacket, depending on what suits the occasion or with your clothes beneath it. If you choose to bring a puffer then make a statement out of it by wearing jeans and a warm-colored top. If you do not want your jeans to get soaked, then roll their cuffs. Bonus points if you have patterned socks to show off!dani brooklyn

Turtlenecks and Boots

For ladies, you can opt for that comfy combo – dress, turtleneck, and boots. Combat boots will do if you want to add a tomboy twist to your outfit. Match these with a long wool coat and get ready to navigate on the street puddles with style. 

Traveling on a rainy day should not stop you from looking at your best. With these fashion get-up tips, rainy days can become way more comfortable. When others don’t seem to bother being in style while walking in the rain, you would be the apple of their eyes!

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