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Facts About Wine You Might Not Know

Facts About Wine You Might Not Know

Last Updated on June 20, 2021

Wine has been around for a very long time and is considered a traditional side beverage whenever you are eating a large meal. But despite wine being around for a long time, there are still so many facts about wine that a lot of people don’t know. Here are a few wine facts that may surprise you, and some facts that may encourage you to drink wine more often.

Bringing red wine into your diet is actually very healthy

There are many health benefits that you get when you drink more wine. Even drinking a single glass every month is going to give you more benefits than you would get if you never drank the wine at all. A few of the benefits you get when you drink wine are:

  • Promoting a healthier heart
  • Antioxidants to promote a healthy artery
  • Less risk of a heart attack

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There are white wines that are made with dark grapes

While white wine is known for being a light color because it is made with green grapes, some white wines are actually made with dark grapes. This can change up the flavor entirely. Instead of getting a more refreshing white wine, you will end up with a darker and more flavorful white wine when it is made with a darker grape choice. 

It is rare to find a white wine that is made with darker grapes because you have to pay close attention to the ingredient details, but you should try one if you ever get the chance.

The health benefits of red wine depending on the type of wine you are drinking

While red wine can give you a lot of heart-healthy benefits, the number of benefits you get all depends on the type of red wine that you are drinking. For example, the wine that you get from your local store is going to give you different health benefits than the Italian Semi-Sweet, Semi-Sparkling Wines that are available online and at fancier wine stores.

wine You can usually find less alcohol in white wines

White wine is made with a lot less alcohol content, which is usually why it doesn’t have as much of a bitter aftertaste as the red wines. When you go to a wine tasting, if you don’t want to walk out dizzy, you should find a way to stick to the white wine section. It has much less alcohol, and it is safer for those who want to try out wine for the first time.

Red wine is usually aged longer

Red wine gets better with age, so it is aged for a longer period of time before being shipped out to wine centers and grocery stores. The people who make these wines want to make sure that you are getting the best quality available, so they intentionally wait to ship out red wine for a few years so that all of the flavors can mix properly. So when you are drinking wine, consider how long it has waited in that bottle as you open it up and taste it.vinyard

The color of white wine will turn darker as it ages

Despite the name and all of the ingredients that go into white wine to make it clear and white, this type of wine will get darker as it ages. White wine is usually not kept to age as long as red wines due to this fact. People will be less likely to purchase older white wine due to the color changes and the bitter taste that follows the new, darker color that is in the bottle.

Red wines get brighter in color with age

Doing exactly the opposite, red wine actually gets brighter as it ages. When you have a bottle of red wine that is extremely dark, imagine how dark it was before you got it. By the time that the wine has made its way into your home, it was already in a storage facility for years. When you see a bright red wine, that is a very old red wine. However, don’t assume the brighter color means it tastes any sweeter. The red wine will still be bitter because it has had time to