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Facebook Holiday Pics: Why You Shouldn’t Worry and Just Post Them

Facebook Holiday Pics: Why You Shouldn’t Worry and Just Post Them

Last Updated on March 16, 2022

The problem with sharing your photos on social media, is that we’re looking at everyone else’s photos too. That can be a knock to the ego. Everyone is an aspiring model, or has photoshopped their bodies into perfection, and has all those poses nailed to show off their best assets.

This can reach its peak when we’re abroad, when the sun is shining, the bikini is the expected attire, and photos are going to be taken every step of the way. Plus, we’re in the digital age now. Where those pics would ordinarily be kept to the privacy of the owner of the camera and maybe a few friends, we’re now expected to share them with everybody online.

If this is all giving you the fear, you’re not alone and you’re not without a guide to help you. We’re breaking down taking those Facebook holiday pics, and why it really isn’t worth stressing about.Joshua Tree dani2

Candid is better

If you are worried about trying to smile for the camera, don’t. Candid photos are the most fun, allowing you to capture a genuine moment, whether it’s a laugh between friends or a goofy moment.

And laughing is your best bet when it comes to photos. If you are worried about looking disingenuous when you smile, then find something to genuinely smile about. Crack a joke as you go in for the shot, so that everyone in the photo laughs.

If you are really camera shy, take a breath. Look down, forget the camera for a second, and spontaneously look up and smile. The enemy of a genuine smile is to think about it too much, so don’t give your brain that chance.trinidad cuba dani

Body positivity

In the 90s, we had tabloid magazines telling us we weren’t skinny or attractive enough. In the 2000’s low rider jeans did the job without saying a thing, and now we’ve got social media. We can’t help but compare our lives to others online when they are purposefully trying to promote a lifestyle, influencers. So, it’s natural that we start comparing bodies too.

If you’re nervous, just practice. The other side of this coin is that there are a lot of people on social media ready to help and encourage you. Look up some photographers and check out their tips how to pose. If you’re looking to show off those legs or hide that tummy, they’ve got a pose for it. In fact, they’ll have loads.Bahamas Caribbean Dani6

Take it a step further

If you have some photos that you really love, you can print them out to keep them forever. Grab a scrapbook and some glue and print off your snaps to create a personalized memory book for you to look at when you want to remember your holiday.

In fact, you can take the hard work out of it by using the service of My Social Book to create your own Facebook photobook, using photos from your social media accounts. If you’ve shared the entire holiday with your friends and family online, you can create a photobook to keep the memories alive.swimming with pigs in the bahamas10