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Essential Equipment That Every Photographer Should Own

Essential Equipment That Every Photographer Should Own

Last Updated on August 20, 2021

Let’s face it! You have always had a great interest in the world of photography and ever since a young age the vocation has fascinated you! For as long as you can remember the camera has stolen your interest and has been the one hobby that has never failed to grasp your undivided attention. The whole concept of being able to record life through the lens of a camera is fascinating to you and you take pleasure out of snapping each and every precious moment that life may bring your way. Yes, you think of the camera as the ultimate weapon that captures those joyous moments that you can look back on and safely drift off into the comforting realms of nostalgia! Yes, in your eyes, the camera is an extraordinary piece of equipment and an incredibly special tool indeed!

It’s true! You hold the camera very close to your heart and due to this reason, you wish to take your camera skills to the next level and become a master in the world of photography. Yes, you want to arm yourself with all the essential equipment needed that will allow you to transform from an avid hobbyist into a true professional! The truth is, even though you perceive yourself to be pretty clued up in the photography domain, you do not have any idea of what equipment you will need to turn your dream of becoming a professional photographer into a reality. Well…seek no further, as here I give to you a list of essential equipment that is a must-have when breaking into the world of photography! 

The Tripod

The camera tripod is an essential accessory that every photographer simply must have! Equipping yourself with a tripod will give you the power to snap every shot at exactly the right angle you desire, effectively keeping your camera still, eliminating the risk of any camera shake! Camera tripods are the tool needed to capture a perfect detailed shot, no matter whether you are shooting landscape, portrait, or are intent on capturing the family in full celebration mode. Tripods really are a must-have item when dabbling in the photography industry!tripod

A Tripod Head

Just like the tripod, a tripod head is another essential piece of equipment every photographer should own. The tripod head is the part that sits between the camera and the legs of your tripod, holding the camera firmly in place. Now, there are many tripods that actually come with this piece included, however, there are also some that do not and require you to purchase them separately. When looking for a tripod head consider purchasing a ball head, as this type of tripod head holds some pretty awesome advantages. Ball heads are incredibly quick to operate and can be used at obscure angles, making them an extremely popular choice for photographers all around the globe.

A Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is essential for any photographer that wishes to have the power to take shots without actually touching the camera physically. One of the benefits of having a remote shutter release is it eradicates any risk of camera shake, allowing you to take a well-focused, sharp shot. Remote shutter releases can be purchased in either wired or wireless versions and no matter which type you get your hands on, the end result is the same. You can also purchase more advanced models that possess features such as LCD screens and built-in timers.

Additional Lenses

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using your camera with its standard zoom lens however, as your photography progresses there is no doubt you will want to experiment with lenses that produce better results when snapping specific shots. Adding more lenses to your collection will allow you to shoot landscapes at a far wider angle and capture up-close more personal shots with optimum results. The more lenses you have, the better equipped you are for every occasion! Also, think about purchasing a lens hood to protect your lens from damage and to prevent flare when taking your snaps!camera with tokina lens

An External Flash

Granted, the standard flash on your camera is great for adding a little light to your shot however, purchasing an external flash such as a flashgun or Speedlight really will take your shots to a whole other level! Using an external flash will produce far better, more flattering results when it comes to taking that perfect snap! 

A Camera Bag

Let’s face it, every avid photographer knows that equipment does not come cheap! That is why it is important to go to any means necessary to protect it, which means getting their hands on a proper camera bag. Getting yourself a camera bag will allow you to keep your camera and all of the equipment you have invested in safe and secure by protecting it from inflicting any damage from adverse weather, dust, or the occasional knock when transporting it. Depending on the amount of equipment you own and the size you require, there are plenty of camera bags on the market today that will do a good job of protecting your valuable bag

So there you are avid photographers! When beginning your mission to becoming a pro in the photography industry, be sure to invest in the essential equipment listed above and you will soon be on your way to becoming a master photographer that never fails in snapping the perfect shot!