Don’t Go Camping Without Packing These 4 Things

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Whether you’re planning your first camping trip or you’re an experienced camper, it’s always important to double-check you have everything you need before heading to your campsite. We have gathered a list of the most essential items that you should include in your camping bag to ensure you have an enjoyable time in nature.

Dress for the Occasion

You’ll want to wear something breathable and comfortable. Workout clothes are a good option for camping because they absorb sweat and keep you from feeling sticky. Loose-fitting capris or workout leggings will help you comfortably tackle difficult hikes without worrying about your pants digging into you or ripping as you climb and hike. Athletic tank tops and shirts help pull moisture away from your body and keep you more comfortable.

Your footwear should have sufficient treading on it to keep you from slipping or losing your footing. Hiking boots and running shoes are comfortable options that look cute and offer you a reliable grip on steep inclines. (And you know how much I love hiking!)

Braid your hair back, throw it in a ponytail, or secure it with a hat. This will help keep your hair clean and out of the way and complete your outdoor look.hat

Splurge on Your Sleeping Equipment

The key to having a good time anywhere is getting a good night’s sleep. And the sleeping equipment that makes you ache all over is the same thing you’re going to use to try to feel better. Plus, after enjoying the outdoors all day, you’ll want a safe and comfortable place where you can lay your head down at night.

You should invest in a strong waterproof tent to ensure that it can withstand the heavy wind and rain of a summer storm. Your tent should also be large enough for you, your camping gear and any friends or animals you plan to take camping.

Although you’ll want a cute sleeping bag, you should also make sure that it is durable, easy to fold, and has enough padding to keep you comfortable and warm. A sleeping pad can also be used to add another layer of protection between you and the hard ground.hikers

Spontaneity is Cool — But Plan Your Meals

You can pack dried, canned, or packaged food to eat during your camping trip. You’ll want to pack a variety of foods if you plan to go camping for a few days to give yourself several options. However, you should balance your need for variety and nutrition with the amount of space available. If you’re planning on bringing food that needs to be cooked, be sure to pack pots and pans to help you safely warm up your food. 

If you’re going on shorter camping trips, you might consider bringing along a backpack cooler. RTIC offers this lightweight backpack cooler that allows you to store meats and cheeses that can be cooked and safely eaten after a full day of outdoor exploration.

You should consider how long your camping trip will be and what cooking equipment you’ll use during your trip before deciding what types of food to bring along.campfire

“Survival” Equipment — Better Safe than Sorry!

If you go camping, you should always have the means to adjust to unexpected variables. Crank-powered flashlights provide you with light from clean energy, allowing you to use them without worrying about old batteries or waiting for a sunny day to charge them.

First aid kits are also a key component of any camping trip. As you enter the wilderness, you might encounter sprained ankles, cuts from branches, or allergic reactions to plants. It is best to be prepared for such emergencies by keeping your first aid kit up to date and packaged in a waterproof casing. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to look over these basic instructions.  If you plan on camping for an extended period, you should pack a fire starter kit to help you stay warm, brighten your campsite or cook your food. You should also bring a compass and a map of the area you plan to explore to ensure that even if you get lost, you’ll be able to find your way home again. Things like sunscreen and bug spray are important to your skin’s health and contribute to your overall mood during your trip. Hand sanitizer and a roll of toilet paper will help you to stay clean and hygienic even in the wild. 

We have listed some of the most essential items to bring with you on your next camping trip. We hope that our list has helped you create a packing list that will keep you clean, comfortable, and happy during your upcoming camping excursion. tent

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