Budget Travel in Australia: How to do it

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Last Updated on December 31, 2015 by Dani

A short intro by me before I hand this article over to Megan Flegman, who is an experienced Australia traveler: Australia has been on my travel wish list for years now, but I haven’t made it there – yet! Megan tells us why she thinks Down Under is well worth a visit and how to do it without having massive savings.

“Movement only makes sense when placed in a context by stillness, and stillness only has life within the context of what you’ve seen while moving around the world.”

Australia 2009
Australia by Stoofstrat on

Speaking to the Guardian recently, world renowned travel author Pico Iyer told readers of his deep seated love for the Australian continent. And truly, the contrast between the scorched red dust bowl at its heart, the endless white sands around the coast and the pockets of jungle in the north provide an experience unlike any other. However, thanks to its gargantuan scale, exploring that great land mass to its full extent is an epic undertaking.

Thankfully, it has never been easier to travel than it is at the moment, and even those with the tiniest budget should be able to enjoy an authentic slice of everything Australia has to offer – who knows, perhaps you’ll be writing your very own best-selling travel memoirs at the end of your adventure.

Sunset Outback Australia
Sunset over the Outback by Reto Fetz on

Cheap Labor

If you are getting itchy feet but you don’t have quite enough cash to take a year out, then there is still hope – that is if you don’t mind a little hard work. The rather excellent Workaway organization essentially allows hosts all over the world to advertise for volunteer workers in exchange for room and board.

Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) - Northern Territories - Australia
Uluru by Angelo Fallla on

A cursory scan over some of the opportunities currently available reveals some truly exotic options in every corner of Australia. Get your hands dirty and help build a chicken coup, breakfast with the wallabies on an outback farm, help out at a vineyard in Australia’s famous wine regions or help build a rammed earth eco house. The list is endless and there is work for people of any background with a range of different skill sets.

So, don’t let your lack of savings dictate your travels, simply sign up and start exploring. Most placements run from a few weeks to a few months, giving you plenty of time to explore your base before you travel to your next job in another part of the country. You will meet new people and experience Australia at its most authentic whilst learning new skills. Truly, the best way to experience both the stillness and movement of life.

The Twelve Apostles (Australia)
The Twelve Apostles by M Kuhn on

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