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Bucket List Destinations for Once in a Lifetime Trips

Bucket List Destinations for Once in a Lifetime Trips

Last Updated on January 29, 2020

Everyone has a bucket list that they wish to tick off and complete before passing on. The things in the list may include projects that they want to accomplish or activities that they want to experience. Those who are fond of traveling usually have a bucket list of places they want to visit. If you are a wanderer, then consider including the destinations listed below in your bucket list for a once in a lifetime trip.


While there are several tourist spots in Greece, Meteora is remarkable. This is because this landmark is a fusion of the wonders of nature and human skills and intelligence. Meteora has a number of monasteries situated atop natural rock formations that entailed the need for the monks to climb up the rocks to build the structures. Because of the rich culture of this place, Meteora in Greece is one of the destinations that you should include in your bucket list.Meteora


Basking in the indescribable beauty of nature is what Antarctica boasts of. The specialists behind Chimu Adventures emphasizes that an Antarctica cruise is the ultimate journey that should be included in your bucket list destinations. This is because the cruise provides travelers with a whole new perspective in terms of how they view themselves in the world. The best time to travel to Antarctica greatly depends on the kind of experience that you are after such that if you are after a beautiful frozen scenery, visit during the early season, while if you are after a remarkable experience with wildlife, you should visit during mid-season.

ice berg


If Ecuador is already on your travel list, ensure that you are visiting the Galapagos Islands. This is if you are one brave adventurer who will find it very much enticing to visit the islands that are made up of several volcanoes. While the landscape can be quite barren because it is essentially made from cooled lava, you will be mesmerized at how wildlife can survive there at all. Visit the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador once in your life and boast that you have been to the place made famous by none other than Charles Darwin.galapagos giant tortoise


There is no single adjective that can describe how incredible Kyrgyzstan is especially for nature lovers. Instead of looking for a hotel, immerse in th4e local culture by opting to stay in a nomadic yurt camp. There is a great chance that you will stay with a host family who will be able to provide you with the most intricate native Kyrgyzstan experience. This will make your trip one of the most memorable ones in your lifetime.


If you are one whom is keen on seeing the majestic view of the northern lights, then visit Finland and let the aurora Borealis take your breath away from under a glass igloo. This once in a lifetime experience will level up your capability of having to witness the northern lights alone. It is best to visit during the months of August until late April where the aurora Borealis spotting is best.

aurora Borealis


While Kuala Lumpur is often the famous drop off point for most tourists visiting Malaysia, Langkawi proves to be the best access point in the northern part of the country. Langkawi is a UNESCO-protected paradise that is home to exotic and amazing wildlife. If you are one nature lover, then for sure will pleasurably enjoy paddling through mangroves, snorkeling, and even coral nursery feeding. The best part is that Langkawi is a family friendly destination, such that kids will definitely enjoy tagging along.Langkawi Malaysia


The Blue Lagoon in Iceland should definitely be included in your bucket list destination, simply because this is known as the world’s largest geothermal pool. Take a dip to rejuvenate not only your skin, but also your soul because of the scenic view that is sometimes even overwhelming to take in. You can even go in for an extra spa treatment while you are at it.

iceland skogafoss waterfall


There are several places that you can go and visit when you are in Vietnam, but the most amazing one that you should include in your bucket list is Phu Quoc Island, especially if you are after a beach holiday. Even though it’s not the “hidden gem” anymore that it used to be a few years ago, Phu Quoc still has tranquil beaches because tourists tend to stick to the southwestern part of the island, making the northeastern shore the perfect place for someone in search of secluded beaches and serene Vietnamese island life.phu quoc deserted beach2

United Arab Emirates

Dubai in UAE is an open city where anything is possible, even a man-made indoor ski slope that has a variety of runs with different levels of difficulty. Apart from this, the city is known to cater to travelers and tourists who wish for a once in a lifetime experience. Include Dubai in your travel list and be part of the fastest growing cities in the globe.



If you are an adrenaline junkie, then go brave white water rafting on the Zambezi River in Zambia. The entire route is challenging and difficult with high-volume and pool-drop rivers with strong currents, especially in the months of February until the end of June. Thereby, ensure that you are prepared not only physically, but also mentally, before you embark on a Zambezi River adventure.Kudus

The world is vast and wide and there are still several other destinations that can surely make it to your list depending on your preferences. While some may already be openly explored, other places are still waiting to be discovered. But to wrap things up, each person is different and while some may be contented in the comfort and familiarity of where they live, others aim to reach far and wide destinations. It goes without saying that the bucket list of these distinct types of individuals may include very different items. Nevertheless, if you categorize yourself on the latter, then the destinations listed above will surely make it to your bucket list of destinations for a once in a lifetime trip.

Photo Credit: Meteora by Jon Worth; Dubai by Alexander Kluge; Zambewi River by Mara 1 / Images used via Flickr’s creative commons licensing.