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Thank you! Now let’s start housesitting!

Last Updated on December 8, 2013

So you’re ready to start housesitting!

There is no other kind of travel that is so inexpensive yet so rewarding.

It can really be an absolute dream.

housesitting pool

Enjoying the pool during a housesit in Arizona

This picture is from our first ever housesit – and we have since returned two more times we loved it so much.You’ll see – we talk all about it in the book.

Would you review Break Free?

We poured all our love and passion for housesitting into these 120+ pages to get more people traveling independently in real, authentic ways. If you agree that this ebook is truly the Ultimate Guide to Housesitting, would you take 5 minutes to give it a review over on Amazon? Even if you didn’t buy the Kindle version, the content is the same. The more reviews we get, the more people we can reach to get them to join the movement.

Please give us an honest review on Amazon here.

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Just bought this housesitting book from @glbetrottergrls Can’t wait to get started!

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Love this housesitting book by @glbetrottergrls so I can travel and live rent free!

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Just bought @glbetrottergrls book Break Free:The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting!

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Have you heard about housesitting? Jess and Dani of wrote Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting to show people how to travel the world without paying a penny for rent and live like a local in places all around the world. I just bought the book – and I think should too!

I just bought this book about housesitting from Dani and Jess, The GlobetrotterGirls. Can’t wait to find out how I can travel without having to pay for hotels.

Who are the authors

We are Dani and Jess, a German-American couple who set off the travel the world in 2010 and never looked back. We run to share everything from inspiring travel stories to the hard-earned information and experience to help independent travelers plan and make the most of their own authentic adventures. We also host GlobetrotterGirls Getaways, where we take small groups of like-minded independent travelers to our favorite destinations around the world.

We’re glad to have you as part of our community of like-minded independent travelers. If you would like to find out more about us, you can read our About Page  or get started finding your way around on the New Here page.

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