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5 Hot Nightlife Spots in New York City

Last Updated on May 16, 2016

If you’re the type of person that considers partying more of a vacation than relaxing on the beach, New York City is the ultimate destination. With some of the most vibrant nightlife venues in the world, the city that never sleeps has something to offer for every type of adventurer. From nightclubs to dive bars, here are just a few examples of the places where you can take in the city of lights.

manhattan view from williamsburg at sunset6

1. The Subway Inn – Upper East Side

Set in the midst of skyscrapers on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Subway Inn offers an eclectic mix of clientele. Perfect for people watching, you’ll see everything from suits to suspenders. The bar offers a wide array of liquors and domestic beer, available until 4 AM.

2. The Commodore – Williamsburg

Williamsburg is the hipster mecca of the world, so there’s no better place to find indie music, arcade games, and Schlitz in a can. It also offers a wide array of late night cuisine if you have a case of the munchies at the end of the night. So put on your thick frame glasses and thrift store attire, and enjoy a bit of the counterculture at The Commodore.

williamsburg street art mural


3. Beatrice Inn – Lower East Side

On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, you’ll find the Beatrice Inn, which is frequented by Lindsay Lohan and Zach Braff. The club on the inside may be difficult to get into, but once inside, you can experience one of the city’s best party scenes. If this high-end hotel is a bit much for your wallet, there are plenty of options to consider – check out for the best hotel deals in New York City!


4. Raines Law Room – Chelsea

Moderately priced wells and you-call-its are not something you will find at Raines, but if you want one of the best cocktails you’ve ever had, head on over to the extravagant Chelsea neighborhood. All of the drinks are prepared in the back of the house, so you don’t have to wait at the bar. Just grab a table and soak up a few drinks including the classic Manhattan, house chardonnay, a dirty martini, or one of their signature specialty drinks.

5. Barbes – Brooklyn

To experience something that happens perhaps only a few places in the world, go to Barbes. The venue/bar hosts some of the most interesting musical acts with anything from swing and jazz to Brazilian and Colombian. Couple this with some cheap drinks, and you’ll find one of the most bizarre, yet delightful little clubs in the city.

These bars and clubs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NYC nightlife. Many other places throughout the city offer an even wider array of drinks and surprises, so even the most adventurous can find something interesting to do. Just remember to stay safe and that the hotel lobby isn’t the best place to crash for the night.bisbee beer bottle tops art

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