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Best Caribbean Beaches for Every Interest

Best Caribbean Beaches for Every Interest

Last Updated on October 19, 2020

With so many beaches in the Caribbean, choosing the best one to visit can be overwhelming. Matching your interests and needs to beaches’ locations and amenities, however, may help you narrow your search. Here is a shortlist of top-rated Caribbean beaches (in no specific order) offering a variety of amenities to help you narrow your search further!

Canouan Beach, St. Vincent

If you’re looking for privacy and seclusion, Canouan Beach located in St. Vincent and The Grenadines is your beach. Despite the beach being tiny it is said that once can find privacy, even in its high season. Another great selling point is that it is near the location where part of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed!caribbean

Jolly Beach, Antigua

Interested in an intimate setting that still offers a variety of comforts? Jolly Beach in Antigua is a stunning one mile stretch of white sand and clear water. Not only is the water crystal clear, but it is also smooth as glass. This is ideal for anyone looking to paddleboard or just enjoy the immaculate sunset view. It doesn’t hurt to have a beach bar and restaurants steps away from the water. There is no reason to leave!caribbean palm tree

Wavine Cyrique Beach, Dominica

Most beaches serve sun-bathers and leisure beach walkers well, but Wavine Cyrique Beach in Dominica is more for experienced hikers! Only adventurers who can commit to the sometimes strenuous hike will reap the benefits of what lies at the end of the trek. Rewarding those who make it is a beautiful waterfall, flowing down from steep cliffs into the ocean itself. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and possibly worth putting on your hiking shoes.palm trees

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

If activities are your thing, consider Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. Here, they have a variety of fun water sports and leisure activities you can get out and enjoy. If you’re an experienced diver, you can visit the Bianca-C shipwreck located not far from the shore!beach sunset

Half Moon Bay, Antigua

Have an interest in history? Half Moon Bay in Antigua not only offers exquisite views from the crescent-shaped bay with clear waters and soft sand, but also a national park that will have all history buffs’ heads turning. Nelson’s Dockyard is a national park, cultural heritage site, and marina which means there is something for everyone when visiting this interesting landmark. And yes, we picked a second beach from Antigua, but Antiguan Beaches are just that cool! beach sunset

Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

Let’s not forget to mention the number one rated beach in the world according to Forbes, Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos. Grace Bay is known for its blue waters, proximity to restaurants and bars, and its snorkeling experiences. Knocking this one off of your bucket list will lead to no regrets.Caribbean Beach

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Last but not least, is Shoal Bay in Anguilla. Not only do they have some of the best snorkeling experiences and the most crystal clear waters you’ve ever seen, but they’re also one of the top-ranked beaches in Anguilla. Visiting a known favorite helps ensure a great trip for everyone!

With so many beaches to choose from, it’s important to focus on what they can offer you. The above-listed beaches are highly rated and offer a range of different amenities and activities. Picking the best one that matches your preferences is the first step to planning the perfect beach trip. So go ahead and think of all the amazing and interesting things you want to do while on vacation because no matter what they are, there’s a beach for that!picture perfect Caribbean