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The Best Beaches in San Diego You Should Visit

The Best Beaches in San Diego You Should Visit

Last Updated on October 15, 2021

If San Diego is known for one thing, it’s the beaches. The weather in the city is ideal for great beach days and nights sitting in the sand after a few drinks. Whether you’re looking for an eclectic social vibe or a secluded place to think, San Diego has a diversity of beaches to visit for different reasons. This amazing city has it all. With great weather, plenty of sunshine, and a lot of coastline, missing the beaches in San Diego is to miss it all.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a bohemian neighborhood with a lot of open beaches to enjoy. While you can dip into town, grab a burger at Hodad’s, and drink a beer looking at the ocean, there is plenty of space where you can enjoy the water and shoreline. It is kind of akin to Venice Beach, but more laid-back and cleaner. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing beach day, try Ocean Beach for a great atmosphere, swimming, food nearby, and more.
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Torrey Pines

If you are looking for hiking trails, stunning cliffs, amazing beach views, and a lot of open coastline to spend time alone, Torrey Pines is where you want to be. Just a half an hour away from downtown San Diego, Torrey Pines is 1,750-acres of oceanfront reserve and is a great place to hike and cool off in the water after you get sweaty. While it is a popular area to spend some time outside, there is plenty of space to stay away from the other people. It is worth a stop if you are taking a road trip to San Diego.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is almost cliché in how Californian it is. With a boardwalk, an amusement park, and a mix of locals and tourists, Mission Beach has surf rentals near the beach and bikes that you can ride on the boardwalk. It is another area surrounded by people, restaurants, and bars. Its amusement park, which is called Belmont, has a roller coaster built in 1925. If you are coming to California and want an earnest experience of the state, look no further than Mission Beach.

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One of the most popular beaches in San Diego is on Coronado Island. With soft shite sand, fancy restaurants, and beautiful views of the San Diego skyline, Coronado is a great place to spend a vacation or take a break from your day-to-day life. There is a dog beach and plenty of spots where you can take a swim, drink at a bar near the sand, or partake in some watersports. Coronado is gorgeous, attracting the money class from around the world. To stay here, you might want to look up some loans in San Diego. Living in San Diego certainly isn’t cheap.

La Jolla Shores & Coves

La Jolla Shoes draws people from all walks of life to explore the coves, look at the seals, swim, and take a kayak through the caves. Scuba diving is popular in this area. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes in La Jolla when you want a beach treat or to do some shopping. There are parks and playgrounds. With mellow waves and many things to do, La Jolla also has one of the most beautiful shores in the world.

Cardiff State Beach

Cardiff is a protected beach that is famous for some of the best surfing in San Diego. Cultivating a laid-back crowd, you can enjoy the tide pools and bring the kids to look at hermit crabs and sea snails. There is Pacific Coast Grill not too far from the beach, providing fish tacos to hungry surfers. Cardiff is a beautiful beach to take in when you want to find a sense of beaches in san diego With so many beaches in San Diego, it is difficult to cover them all. The above beaches have their own character and different things to offer. Whether you’re looking for a secluded beach for introspection, the perfect place to surf, or a vibrant beach town that has restaurants and eclectic characters, you will be able to find it in San Diego. Not only does the city have nearly perfect weather, the sun shines most days of the year—making the beach enticing when you’re visiting San Diego.