Barcelona –A Fun Filled Summer Holiday For Girlfriends

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Last Updated on January 1, 2016

Gregarious, garish and full of fun, Barcelona has many secrets but guards them jealously. This Catalan capital seems to get a kick from secluding the best from the roving eyes of regular tourists. But then, the strategy fails in the case of bubbly and enthusiastic female buddies who come in search of its lesser known delights.

Read on for all that’s in store in this thriving metropolis in the upcoming summer season.

Barcelona gaudi park guell

Mocktails and Cocktails Galore

After having visited Pro Arts to get inked with some of the wildest and rarest tattoo styles found on the planet, gear up to say “no” to cerveza and Cava and an emphatic “yes” to cocktails. Well, there’s hardly a shortage of pubs and bars in Barcelona and with the sizzling summer nights just around the corner, these popular hangouts are all set to lure with cold bottles, sparkling neon lights and all that coveted watering holes are made of. For instance, located in La Rambla, Coctelería Boadas is anonymous, less conspicuous and the best place for buddies to bond over a bubbly.

Artistic Streaks

Then, there is art and culture too. Barcelona is well defined by its spectacular fin-de-siècle structures which are a testament to its exhilaratingly peculiar phase of cultural history. Going beyond the realms of the well-chronicled works of Antoni Gaudí, numerous less fêted but adventurous engineers have shaped up the city in the 19th and 20th centuries. Josep Puig i Cadafalch’s turret-clustered townhouses, Caixa Forum Museum of Contemporary Art, the textile plant of Puig i Cadafalch’s Casaramona and scores of glass towers located on reclaimed docklands have their own story to tell –and lure with their romantic aura and old worldly charm!

Barcelona beach at sunset

Fun, Frolic and Food….

After getting their hearts up and racing on a Ferris Wheel that’s perched atop a 500-metre-high cliff, the other creaky attractions located at the amusement park set on Mount Tibidabo are really “not a big deal” for the more adventurous of the lot. However, these rides surely manage to set their pulse racing and stomachs quivering for something more.

Here, the delicious restaurant interiors of Barcelona come to the rescue and help their bellies fuel up for more excitement and revelry alike. Spangled with an entire conglomeration of Michelin stars, the city is also flush with quaint looking cafeterias, roadside eateries, home based cooking outlets and restaurants that speak volumes about their fare rather than designs and more. From immaculately presented tortillas to black sausages, white rice, morcilla de arroz de Burgos and more…….There is a lot on the cards of foodies and those on a gastronomical trip!

goats cheese tapas seville

Go for it!

In a nutshell, Barcelona is hip and happening and the right place to be “seen in”. Its contagious enthusiasm can be seen trickling over tourists from all walks of life –making it a much favoured summer destination for girlfriends packed with oodles of fun!

 Barcelona yacht harbor

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