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Are the Pyramids Open During the Pandemic?

Are the Pyramids Open During the Pandemic?

Last Updated on January 19, 2021

Sitting on the outskirts of the Greater-Cairo metropolis, are the three pyramid structures that make up the Giza pyramid structure, the most famous of which, the Great Pyramid of Giza, is perhaps the best-known man-made structure in the world. At around 4,500 years old, these pyramids have been associated with Egypt for nearly the entirety of recorded human history. Are the pyramids open during the pandemic?

Millions of visitors enter Egypt each year with an enormous amount of them coming to take in the ancient wonders. That number had been steadily increasing until the coronavirus pandemic hit Egypt in the early spring, forcing the country into lockdown where it had to close its international borders, and, of course, shutter the pyramids. Thankfully, the country responded by following government guidelines, and the tourism industry was able to re-open in summer, just in time for peak tourist season. Even if the numbers would never reach those of a typical year, it was a positive step for the country to be able to welcome even a small amount of outsiders.

All they had to was follow the latest guidelines and ensure they had a valid visa. Check here to learn more about the entry requirements when visiting Egypt with an electronic visa.

Are the pyramids open

The Pyramids Are Open, But Is It Safe to Visit?

It’s great news that such beautiful and historically significant structures were able to reopen during the most challenging time of our lives. It’s even more important because the pyramids today act as a tremendous revenue-generating source that provides the livelihood for so many people who work on the day to day upkeep of the pyramids.

What is equally important, however, is that the tourism officials are reopening the pyramids in a way that protects everyone from unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus, ensuring that a much-wanted vacation doesn’t turn disastrous.

So, how are the officials at the pyramids working to keep visitors safe and what can any tourist who is considering visiting Giza do to help themselves and other visitors?

The first thing a traveler can do when they are planning a trip is to make sure they are being as safe and responsible as possible, no matter what the government guidelines are. That means travel insurance.

Following that line of thinking, travelers should be vigilant of their personal space and the personal space of others by maintaining social distancing from other visitors. Carrying a personal supply of hand-sanitizer and applying it frequently is also important, as is the constant and proper use of an acceptable face-covering.

From the side of the officials who operate the pyramids and the museums around the area, they are making sure that tourists are staying safe by enforcing social distancing and carrying out temperature checks for every person who enters.

For anyone who wishes to visit the pyramids, carrying a thermometer with you while you travel is a great way to make sure that you are ahead of the curve and taking the proper precautions to keep yourself and others safe.

Are the pyramids open

So Should I Take a Trip to the Pyramids?

Seeing the Great Pyramid of Giza may be near the top of your travel bucket list. Viewing the 140-meter structure on a scorchingly hot desert day must be one of the most spectacular sights on earth.

The pyramid is made mostly of limestone blocks, some of which weigh an estimated 15 tons. In total, there are over 2.3 million blocks that were cut from the limestone quarries, transported to the building site, shaped to a precise size, and stacked atop one another to form the only structure that remains intact from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Understanding the immense appeal of visiting the pyramids, the decision needs to ultimately fall onto the shoulders of each traveler as an individual.

If you are comfortable traveling during the pandemic and are responsible enough to take the recommended precautions and follow the guidelines while en route to and inside Egypt, then there are no reasons why you shouldn’t go support the local economy and cross off a life-long dream while doing it.

Another added benefit of traveling to the pyramids during the COVID-19 pandemic is that there will undoubtedly be smaller crowds, which means your time waiting in lines and craning your neck to see over a hoard of people will be cut down a great deal. In fact, it could be the perfect time to visit Cairo and set out for Giza, provided that your visa and personal protection equipment is in order.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel all that safe, then there is no harm in waiting for a trip to Egypt. The pyramids have survived over 4,500 years of desert sands and baking sun. They will surely survive the pandemic long enough for you to feel comfortable coming for a visit. 
Are the pyramids open
Photo Credit: All images used via Flickr’s Creative Commons licensing. (1) Chefren Pyramd by Federico Lukkini; (2) Pyramids by Ronald Woan; (3) Pyramids at sunset by Simon Matzinger