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Amazing places to discover on the French Coast

Amazing places to discover on the French Coast

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

From plunging canyons to rolling vineyards to quaint villages, and breathtaking coastlines, France is the best gateway for every traveler! This beautiful country not only possesses a perfect amalgamation of historical and cultural brilliance, but mother nature also has imprinted surreal beauty across every soil of France.

Despite its brags about delectable cuisines and antique wines worldwide, France holds a mind-blowing engagement with its coastline of different geographic definitions. So, if you’re planning to visit France soon, these are the 4 amazing places to uncover on the French Coast. Let’s get started!

1 Trouville Sur Mer

This is one of the most underrated towns in France, well-known for top-notch natural diversity, rolling hillocks, hills, extended stretches of beach, and an outdated school port. This is why Trouville Sur Mer got its place in the list of top French coastal towns.

This spectacular French coast has a boardwalk, and its renowned location from the 19th century is spotted with flea markets and shops. If you love to frolic on the sand and don’t mind being tanned, summers are the ideal time to visit this coastal town. Also, do you have immense love for cruising? You get a chance of cruising through Europe from here!

2 Corsica

After stepping onto the gorgeous Corsica’s Mediterranean island, you may lose your memory for a min that which country you’re in! This coastal region is between Italy and France, which is why you can see the perfect concoction of foods, and traditions.

Corsica’s rocky granite peaks, alluring coastal towns, and immaculate forests give it a wild charm. Furthermore, this place is a hotspot for different water activities, including scuba diving and snorkeling, thanks to its 1000 km of celestial coastlines!corsica village & lake

3 Côte de Granit Rose

Are you attracted to a flavor of la vie en rose? You should! South Brittany might possess the Baie de Quiberon, considered the unquestioned jewel in the region’s crown. Yet, the more exquisite beauties of the Côte de Granit Rose belong to the north.

It’s a long 10 km coastal area that started from Perros-Guirec and ended in Trebeurden, known as “The Pink Granite Coast.” The Sentier des Douaniers route, lunch in the historic fishing town of Ploumanac’h, and seabird watching at the Sept-Îles nature reserve are all must-do activities in that area.

4 Etretat

If you’re looking for stunning beaches in the coastal region of France, look no further than Etretat! It’s also a tourist-friendly town in France, attracting thousands of travelers every year. One of the identifying features of this coastal town is its limestone cliffs.

This town offers one of the nicest external beach days in all of France due to the cliffs’ erosion and the call of the faraway sea.

All these 4 French coasts are best to explore and make the most of memories in the turquoise water! So, it would be best not to be a servant of fascist modernism when learning and evolving from the small and straightforward pleasures is possible.


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Excellent choices, tried the 3rd (Côte de Granit Rose).

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